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Creative Art & Illustrations Inspiration – September 2022

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An artist’s imagination is limitless and simply inspiring in his/her own unique way. This month’s featured creatives include Matt Moriarty, Viviana Toro, Rapha Rios, Nikoo Bafti, and many others. Check out their amazing artwork in this post.


Cinematics by Hussam Eissa

this whole mess is born from fear - Cinematics by Hussam Eissa
this whole mess is born from fear
falling into the spaces in between - Cinematics by Hussam Eissa
falling into the spaces in between
artificial paradise - Cinematics by Hussam Eissa
artificial paradise
do you still think of it? - Cinematics by Hussam Eissa
do you still think of it?
I'm letting go - Cinematics by Hussam Eissa
I’m letting go


“Realigned” by Nikoo Bafti


Red Museum II by Zarrougui Nadya


Generative Art Research – Transhumanifesto by Eric Bellefeuille







She Venom by Juan F. Morales a Lady! by Farah Ben M.


Série : Femmes 02 by Favelho Illustrations


Betty by Jakub Romanowicz


Mood painting by Viviana Toro

Submitted by Viviana Toro


Alice in Wonderland (Midjourney Ai Collection) by Csekk István


星之上 by 小东 fan


‘Kitsune Fox’ by Matt Moriarty

Submitted by Matt Moriarty
Author Tim Green and illustrator Matt Moriarty are collaborating on a web comic called ‘Kitsune Fox’.

Lord Pippington Kitsune (or Pip for short) and his offsider, Drakon Fox, are a pair of adventurous hero’s who’ve seen it all. Fighting hordes of bad guys and taking the sweet loot? That’s an average Wednesday for these guys. Now, though, something big has come along…like…immortality big…and they want it! Watch them on this whirlwind adventure and meet their many crazy friends, and enemies.

‘Kitsune Fox’ is going to be published on WEBTOON before the end of the year.


The Lord Of The Sheep. Visual Development Art by Polina Shumkova


“Looking for a quiet place” by The Glyph


Mc Donald’s Happy Meal – Ronald is coming home! by Rapha Rios

Submitted by Rapha Rios
My name is Rapha! Raphael but everybody calls me Rapha! 
I am a designer and illustrator currently living in Curitiba, Brazil. I have been developing works with digital illustration and vector illustration for the last 10 years. One thing that inspires me a lot is old cartoons, posters, advertising pieces, i like to imagine vintage characters, techniques and colors in current days situations. My main tools to create are in Adobe Fresco and Procreate.


Let’s Study a Case! by 4rmvn for Duxica


3D Retro Platform Gadgets by 4rmvn for Duxic


Apple Ecosystem – 3D Illustration by Vedant Hegde


Waiting Room – Digital Illustration by Lea Konaševská


Jordan 2 wood work by RomainTrystram


WOUNDED FOREVER by Jonas Valatkevičius


The legend of Hoan Kiem Lake by Rong Pham


series:simple 5 / NPCs one by enes diriğ


Your brain might be BUGGY?? by Tainosuke 鯛之助


Food Memory by 张小哈 Zhang


S K E T C H B O O K / Fashion & People study´s by Sarah Stark


Drawing on Location, July 2022 by Daniel Stolle


Landscape by Mako Zakaidze


Bat, Ball and Field by Owen Gatley


Familyportrait by Francis Kaiser


Racing? by Dominique Schoenig




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