brand identity design inspiration july 2022 - Front of House by SAINT URBAIN, Heather Lynn, Véronique Lafortune and Alex Ostroff

Latest Brand Identity Design Inspiration – July 2022

Freshly squeezed brand new brand identity design inspiration this month features projects by Baianat, Jahirul Haque Jony, Katarina Perović, Linda Laganovska, SAINT URBAIN and lots more. Check out the curated works in this article.


Assar Branding by Vébé ®, Hoet & Hoet and Chloé B.


Ohalo | Visual Brand by Avincer Studio and Will Lucatelli


Ujeed brand design by Baianat ­


Phoenix by Andrew Korepan


eCommerce Academy – Branding by Julia Martinez Conte for Balkan Brothers


ZeroCater – Logo Animation by Alex Gorbunov for Alex Go & Co


link logo – typography logo – dribbble by Riya Moni for Dynamite


Logo Collection by Jahirul Haque Jony


Forest Spirit logo by Slavisa Dujkovic


XHACRA by Salvador Munca


Ahumada Mezcal Mocktail Branding by Zachary Mainello


Tesla Technology Brand Identity by Katarina Perović

Submitted by Katarina Perović

Creative Fields
Logo & Identity, Art Direction, Advertising Material, Packaging, Responsive Web Design & Development, Photo Editing
Project Background
Tesla is an electronics company from Serbia. The company makes and invests in smartphones, home appliances, TVs, monitors, and other products. Tesla claims that technology is meant to be simple and helpful and therefore, makes products to support the consumer every step of the way. Their products are made for everyone because they believe everyone is capable of ruling the technology world.
Challenge & Mission
The project is an internship in Comtrade System Integration (IT business in Belgrade, Serbia) where the task involves a visual identity and website redesign of their brand Tesla. The desired direction consists of a design that complements their brand values – high quality, sleek design, and user-friendly. Deviation from the existing design is arbitrary.
Solution & Result
The entire visual identity design is packaged in a way to clearly make the brand recognizable and set it apart from the competition. The electricity symbol as the letter S symbolically connects the brand to Nikola Tesla – an initial inspiration for the name. Black makes the brand appear bold, professional, and strong, whereas the rich yellow that serves as a highlight color, makes a significant contrast and emphasizes the brand’s look.


Mö Oat Dairy by Lili Köves and Werklig —


Logofolio vol. 2 by Linda Laganovska


Ventura Agro Logo Design by Jowel Ahmed


MyHomai Logo by Muhammad Aslam


Apple by Peter Tarka


Geometric Samurai Logo by Lucian Radu


Colibri logo line by Vadim Korotkov


H + Bee Logo Mark by LogoCaptain Studio


Zany & Shy – Fine Jewelry Branding by Alexandra Necula


NIXTA by Monumento Co and Monumento Studio


Decode Festival by Gabriela Dolinko


Front of House by SAINT URBAIN, Heather Lynn, Véronique Lafortune and Alex Ostroff



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