illustration inspiration july 2022 - Midjourney - AI Art Exploration VOL.1 by ATOM63 (You Zhang)
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Creative Art & Illustrations Inspiration – July 2022

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New this month! Awesome 3D and AI generated art you’ve got to see, along with some very creative paper art, abstract paintings and illustrations. Among featured artists are Zubin Jhaveri, Peter Maria Hedekke, Daiana Gauna, Sarah Stark, Assala CHOUK and many more. See their artwork below.


Book of Boba Fett by Roman Klčo


3D Desk Setup by M Wildan Cahya Syarief for Indev


‘Cruel City’ by Ismail Inceoglu


Spectral Matrix by Zubin Jhaveri

Crossroads - paper artwork by zubin jhaveri
Metamorphosis - paper artwork by zubin jhaveri
Coral - paper artwork by zubin jhaveri
Ikebana - paper artwork by zubin jhaveri
Roulette - paper artwork by zubin jhaveri
Fireworks - paper artwork by zubin jhaveri


paradise now by Peter Maria Hedekke

Submitted by Peter Maria Hedekke

Hello YDJ,
I want to introduce my art project ‘paradise now’. In general, this has three levels:
2.short stories
3. a full novel.

The first level is the storytelling, you find eight finished reels on instagram at the moment. One reel in this manner will follow monthly. From the most valuable reels, I will post a full short story on Instagram every three month. The first short story is related to my reel “The Return of Hans Castorp from Magic Mountain’ and will be finished this year. In the novel finally, I will create a big “Return’ related to the life of Jesus from Nazareth.

Several month ago, I listened to ‘Space Oddity’ by David Bowie, in this moment I realized for the first time, that – following the lyrics of David Bowie – Major Tom is sitting in the a thin cab in space forever. Poor Major Tom. I decided to change this and the art project ‘paradise now’ was born. Since that, I enter the life of a fictitious person from a novel, movie or song, make a change in their stories, with the result, that this person get in touch with true love.

After this, a higher level of existence is possible.


Akira Fantasy (1 of 2) – Concept art by Daniel Belchí Lorente


Illustrations for Windmill Blog by Marta Gozha


Summer by Roman Klčo


Colorful Low Poly Isometric City by Daiana Gauna

Submitted by Daiana Gauna
This is a low-poly isometric city with a lot of details, and a friendly vibe.
Software: Blender
Render: Cycles


SHATTERED Cinematic Poster // VALORANT by Brandon Meier for Riot Games


Portraits by Lor Hearst


I N K & P E N C I L / Goldsmith Sketchbook & Project by Sarah Stark


Midjourney – AI Art Exploration VOL.1 by ATOM63 (You Zhang)


Various Personal Artworks 3, 2020 by Dániel Taylor

"Division" - artwork by Dániel Taylor
"Lucid Dream" - artwork by Dániel Taylor
“Lucid Dream”
"Time Moves Fast" - artwork by Dániel Taylor
“Time Moves Fast”


Which one? by Peter Tarka


Last Rose by Nutsa Avaliani


Climb by Krzysztof Nowak


Illustrations by Assala


Dancing with the devil - illustration by Assala CHOUK
Dancing with the devil
EL MASRI - illustration by Assala CHOUK
Medina by night - illustration by Assala CHOUK
Medina by night
VINTAGE BOOKSTORE - illustration by Assala CHOUK
INNOVATION FOR DIALOGUE - illustration by Assala CHOUK
fragment of Tunisia #2 - illustration by Assala CHOUK
fragment of Tunisia #2

Submitted by Assala CHOUK
Young Tunisian illustrator , studied graphic design within the Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts MAHDIA for 3 years. After obtaining her license, she worked as a graphic designer until she obtained the position of illustrator with «L’atelier Glibett» where she develops not only her own style but also a whole universe inspired by everyday life and of course with winks to Tunisia today.

Between generous forms and dances on the «fazzeni», Assala knew how to illustrate different situations whether it is the breakups in love or the lonely evenings that the girls spend to varnish their nails while listening to rap.

With paintings that have sold all the way to the United States and bestsellers in the context of the recent exhibition called «Tunis downtown» organized by the art gallery «Central», Assala proves that the Tunisian youth is capable of moving things forward in an artistic and contemporary direction.


Fashion illustrations – Carolina Herrera by Gosia Zimniak


ZOO Murals – Orientarium in Łódź by Paweł Ponichtera


Niko 2022 _ Tbilisi by Musya Qeburia


Fields of Ukraine by tubik.arts


You are my best friend! by Đốm Đốm


Abstract Minimalist Character Design Illustrations, Digital Art by Mark Rise


vector illustrations.2 by Nataliia Ostrianska


Brittany Griner NFT by Wayne Flint


El Che by Gonzalo Bugallo


Have a nice day by LIN chen





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