"we are clean, but powerful" -packaging design inspiration june 2022 - DIXIONIST PR KIT by HEAZ ®

Gorgeous Prints & Packaging Design Collection – June 2022

New this month, curated prints and packaging design projects you will love! Featured designers include Alice Des, Ilona Rubtsova, Russ Gray, HEAZ ® and many more. Check out their latest branding works below.


Cardamom Green Tea Packaging Design by Asif Suleymanov and Choppy Agency


2021 Dragon Boat Festival Gift Pack 小红书端午定制礼盒 by REDesign official and REDstudio official


Innocence x Alice Des by Alice Des


Booklet with sport grids by Ilona Rubtsova

Submitted by Ilona Rubtsova
Riso Printed Booklet, using 1 color, A5 format.
Sports is more related to graphic design than one might think. The sport grids are the perfect example of that. Tennis , basketball, football contain rules, system and grids, here is a booklet inspired by some of the geometric simplicity of the sport game.


Rocamina by Firmalt Agency


Fortunata by Fibra · Branding & Packaging, Daniela Barrio de Mendoza, Bicho Raro, Matias Montes de Oca and Andrea Gálvez


Buttermilk Soda | Packaging Design by Rhea Jain and Sreeram Kayanadath


Theory11 x Avengers Playing Cards by Russ Gray


Sorbo Tequila- Designed on Adobe Live by Alex Lazaris and Adobe Live


packaging by Sumona yasmin


Bådin Surreal IPA by north™




My Light Meal by The Wave Studio, Alessandra Mastroeni, Mattia Zingale, Arturo Spatino and Simone Guccio


Hoppy Trinity by Srdjan Vidakovic


Abo Sahar / Music branding by Gamal Assy


Packhelp by Jens Nilsson ✰


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