Gorgeous Prints & Packaging Design Collection – April 2022

From food and beverage packaging, to poster and magazine prints, the creativity behind these designs will amaze you. Newly featured projects include Packhelp, Perfect Pop, YUHSIU MUSEUM of ART, Harlequin Chocolates, Poster of a Poster and many more.

Check out the curated projects in this blog post.


The Crunch Pizza by Arcal Studio


Aromatherapy packaging-深浅品牌 by wingyang 杨颖


The Shining: A Visual and Cultural Haunting by Craig Oldham


Packhelp by Marina Veziko


The Perfect Pop by Auge Design, Gabriel Cellini and Giovanni Stillittano


Plantario by AZ MIAMOR, Mauricio Gallegos and Gas Garcia Aja


Cantina Puiatti by Auge Design and Davide Farabegoli


JUNIPER Cocktails by invade design


Small Town by Studio Projet Noir


Quintu by Stamp Works


YUHSIU MUSEUM of ART × 4W STUDIO by SiWei Lai and 蔡 米欣·.·


Packaging para el Creativity Center del IE University by Meteorito Estudio


Pops ´n Bops by Brandsummit Studio and Alex Monzó


“Dronie Deconstructed” Tee by Phil Goodwin ◒ for unfold


鳧川家 新年珍藏版包裝設計|Packaging Design by 蔡 米欣·.·


Harlequin Chocolates by Fruzsi Fölföldi


Architettura Bardolino by Happycentro Design Studio


Poster of a Poster | the analog mock-up by alessio borando



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