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15 Best Easel Stands for Beginners to Professional Artists

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updated 18 July, 2022

If you’re an artist, then you’ll know the importance of having a good and reliable easel stand. There are many different types and sizes of easels on the market, and deciding which one is ideal for you might be challenging.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned artist, we’ve done extensive product research and hand-picked the best ones for you, in our recommend list below.

We will also be covering a few types of easel stand and their functionality, and guide you on how to pick one that best suits your art endeavour.

Table of contents

Best easel stands for beginner and emerging artists

  1. ARTIFY Large A-Frame
  2. American Oak Yazhi A-Frame
  3. U.S. Art Supply Solana Table Easel
  4. MEEDEN Versatile H-Frame
  5. ART QIDOO Table Easel Set
  6. Bob Ross 2-in-1 Studio Easel
  7. Bob Ross Tabletop Travel Easel Set

Best easel stands for professional artists

  1. U.S. Art Supply Medium H-Frame
  2. Mont Marte Tilting Large H-Frame
  3. MABEF Basic Studio Easel (MBM-10D)

Best easel stands for plein air painting

  1. U.S. Art Supply Field & Table Easel Set
  2. T-Sign 66″ Reinforced Easel Stand – Extra Thick
  3. U.S. Art Supply Coronado Large French Style
  4. MABEF MBM-22 French Style
  5. BOLISUN 60″ Reinforced Easel Stand

Good to Know: Types of Easels 

How Do I Choose The Best Easel For My Painting? 


 ARTIFY Large A-Frame

 ARTIFY Large A-Frame easel Image source: Amazon.com
Image source: Amazon.com

ARTIFY easels are robustly built from high-quality beechwood and have a lovely natural coated finish. The ARTIFY A-Frame easel is fully adjustable to different heights and angles, making it perfect for both beginner and experienced artists.

This easel is made from solid wood components that are meticulously polished to create a smooth protective layer that is especially resilient to cracking or damage. It comes with a storage tray deep enough to hold your brushes and other painting tools for convenient accessibility. This one is ideal for heavy usage.

ARTIFY provides great customer service too. If the easel has lost parts or is accidentally damaged, just notify them and you are guaranteed to get product replacements. That’s why it’s is our top pick.


American Oak Yazhi A-Frame

American Easel Oak Yazhi Easel. Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon.com

If you fancy a more traditional A-Frame easel, we recommend the American Easel Oak Yazhi Easel. Made from red oak – it’s another perfect beginner’s easel.

This is one of the more affordable full wooden easels for artists on a tight budget or who don’t want to spend more than $100 on an easel that will only be used occasionally.

The non-slip rubber feet of this A-Frame easel helps to counteract any movement when painting. It is 60 inch (1.5m) tall and has an adjustable 12 inch x 18 inch canvas holder that will hold up to 44 inch (1.1m) canvas. It comes fully assembled and folds flat for storage.

The lack of a tray on this easel stand (which may not be a major concern for some) and the smaller surface constraints are just a few compromises you’ll have with this easel.


U.S. Art Supply Solana Table Easel

U.S. Art Supply Solana Adjustable Table Easel. Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon.com

The Solana Adjustable Desk Table Easel by U.S. Art Supply is great for use by kids, students, as well as for advanced artists and professionals. The easel is made with hand sanded high quality aged beechwood from Germany.

It has a three-compartment storage drawer ideal for keeping art supplies organized while you paint, draw or sketch on the easel.

This sturdy, lightweight tabletop box easel can be set to four various angles and will hold canvas paintings and prints up to 11 inches X 14 inches (28cm x 36cm).


U.S. Art Supply Medium H-Frame

U.S. Art Supply Medium Wooden H-Frame Studio Easel. Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon.com

Recommended by most professional artists, the U.S. Art Supply Medium H-Frame Easel is the best easel available on the market today in terms of quality and pricing. It sits on a robust, square base with lockable castors and is made of high-quality beechwood.

This easel can hold a canvas up to 48 inches (1.2m) tall. It has a tilting flexibility beyond 90°. It’s also simple to tilt and adjust, and can be folded flat when not in use. There’s also a deep 22 inch storage tray to hold your art tools while you paint. The wheels makes it easy to move the easel around your studio and can be locked in place.

The easel is fairly easy to assemble. Remember to read the instruction manual carefully before assembling and you will have the easel up and ready to go!


Mont Marte Tilting Large H-Frame

Mont Marte Tilting Studio Wooden Floor Easel. Image source: Amazon

Image source: Amazon.com

The Mont Marte Tilting Large H-Frame easel is especially suitable for artists who like to create large scale artworks. The easel itself can accommodate canvas sizes up to 78 inches (approx. 2 meters) tall. It’s made of high-quality durable, solid wood with a natural oil finish.

It has a sturdy base made from brass plated steel that keeps the easel firmly grounded. The adjustable central column and a trigger action height adjustment allow easy tilting for best working angle.

If you want to get more comfortable with some of your artwork or add a layer of varnish to your painting, you can do all of that with this easel without having to worry about taking the surface off the easel.

This easel can be folded flat and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. You can paint in various medium with this easel. Reasonably priced, it’s a worth while investment for experienced artists.


U.S. Art Supply Field & Table Easel Set

U.S. Art Supply 72-Piece Painting Set with Aluminum Field & Table Easel. Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon.com

The U.S. Art Supply Field & Table Easel Set is ideal for beginners. 

In the supply kit, you will get 24 premium professional-grade vivid acrylic paint colors in 12ml tubes, an essential assortment of 34 styles of premium paintbrushes, 2 stretched canvases, 6 canvas panels, plastic 10 well painting palette, 1 wooden palette, and a double-sided color mixing wheel. You can go painting right out of the box with the kit.

The aluminum field easel is great for en plein air painting and can hold canvases up to 35 inches tall and 22 inches (89cm x 56cm) wide, making it perfect for larger artworks.

As for the wooden table easel, it is perfect for use in the studio. The easel has a tilting mechanism that gives you complete control over the angle of your canvas or paper. It also has a tray to hold all your art supplies.

Novice painters who want to learn painting as a hobby will benefit greatly from this kit.


MEEDEN Versatile H-Frame

MEEDEN Versatile Studio H-Frame Easel. Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon.com

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or a professional artist, this adaptable and adjustable H-Frame easel will meet all of your painting needs (from small to large artworks).

Being one of our favorite model, the MEEDEN Versatile Studio H-Frame Easel is made from finely handcrafted smooth beechwood finish. Artists who bought the easel are claiming that the wood quality and finish is superb!

Although this easel is made for studio use and require self-assembly, it’s versatile and portable, it can fit in any spaces. When it’s time to move or store the easel, the robust base offers stability, yet the back support neatly folds. You don’t necessarily need a studio to use this H-Frame easel.

This easel can accommodate a variety of canvas sizes. Three sliders allow for canvas heights of up to 77 inches (approx. 2 meters) to be accommodated. You can easily change the angle of this H-frame easel from vertical to horizontal or any angle in between.


T-Sign 66″ Reinforced Easel Stand – Extra Thick

T-Sign 66" Reinforced Easel Stand – Extra Thick Image source: Amazon.com
Image source: Amazon.com

The budget-friendly T-Sign 66″ Reinforced Easel Stand is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and is both portable and sturdy. It’s an A-Frame easel that can hold canvases up to 33 inches (84cm) tall and 1.2 inches (3cm) deep, thanks to a spring-loaded top clamp that holds them in place.

The telescoping legs make this easel excellent for outdoor usage on uneven grounds. Each leg adjusts independently to maintain the proper height of the artwork. You can take this lightweight easel on field trips with the supplied tote bag. Despite its little weight of 3.1 pounds (1.4kg), it can sustain up to 25 pounds (11.3kg).

You can also use this easel to paint at home or in your studio, as well as for art displays. It will hold posters, paintings, whiteboards, dry-erase boards, and other large pads of paper when placed on a table or extended to full height.


U.S. Art Supply Coronado Large French Style

U.S. Art Supply Coronado Large French Style Easel. Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon.com

If you fancy a French style easel for outdoor usage, then you will love this one by U.S. Art Supply. This Coronado Large French Style Easel adjusts to a maximum height of 72 inches (1.8m), when it’s set up.

This easel can accommodate a wide range of art projects as it can hold canvases up to 34 inches (86cm) tall. There’s also a leatherette handle and canvas shoulder strap for comfortable carrying. However, because of it’s large size, it’s a bit heavy if you’re going to take a long hike to paint with it.

But on the plus side, this easel has ample storage space. The large-capacity sketchbox can be divided into a four compartments with three removable dividing slats for adjusting compartment sizes. You can organize storage spaces for your brushes, paints, pencils and other tools. The drawer then shuts, locks in place, and folds for safe transportation.

It also looks beautiful as a standing easel in your room and can be converted into a tabletop easel in your studio. That’s why it’s our top pick.


ART QIDOO Table Easel Set

ART QIDOO Art Table Easel. Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon.com

The ART QIDOO Adjustable Table Easel Set can be used as an art workstation or a stylish display easel. Though requiring self-assembly, it’s easy to put together and it is adjustable to fit the size of your canvas. Simply lay your canvas on this sturdy easel stand to get started on your creative project.

This easel comes bundled with 12 acrylic colors, 4 canvases (11.6 in x 4.2 in), 2 paint palettes and 10 paint brushes. It is travel-friendly and is an excellent painting and sketching tool for artists of all skill levels. It folds flat nicely for storage into a small space and provides convenient creating on-the-go.

This compact but sturdy easel is also fantastic as gifts for your artistic friends or family. Definitely worth the money!


MABEF Basic Studio Easel (MBM-10D)

Mabef Basic Studio Easel (MBM-10D). Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon.com

The MABEF H-frame Basic Studio Easel quality built. Even the parts are of the finest quality! Sturdy and sleek, this Italian design easel supports various painting styles, large canvases and is ideal for professional and demanding artists.

The maximum canvas height on this oiled beech wood easel is 47.5 inches (121cm). It comes in a kit that is simple to put together.

MABEF’s “lifetime guarantee assures every artist who chooses their product, that it will last a lifetime. This is evident as some artists who had this easel for a long time shared that they are still using it!

The high-quality, aesthetic and robust build of this easel are the features that we loved the most. It’s a worthwhile investment for your long term art endeavour.


MABEF MBM-22 French Style

Mabef MBM 22 Sketch Box Easel. Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon.com

Another high-quality MABEF easel that we love is the MBM-22 French Style Easel. It’s a small size, lightweight easel that folds up as a carrying case. If you’re a landscape painter, this easel is worth your every penny. It’s suitable for outdoor use and some artists claim that this long-lasting easel can even withstand the rigors of winter!

This easel comes with a compact and beautiful sketch box with 4 compartments, a sliding drawer, and a wooden palette that also serves as a cover when the easel is folded up for transporting. The easel’s adjustable legs make it simple to arrange your canvas in the best possible position, allowing you to work flat, vertically, or anywhere in between.

One reminder: If you have decided on buying this easel, make sure to avoid the knock offs. The original version comes with a leather handle. So make sure you are getting that.


BOLISUN 60″ Reinforced Easel Stand

BOLISUN 60" Reinforced Artist Easel Stand. Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon.com

This is a fantastic tool for plein air painters. The BOLISUN 60″ (152cm) Reinforced Easel Stand is made of lightweight and sturdy aluminum alloy with a weight capacity of 44 pounds (20kg). It is easy to set up and hold canvases securely.

This tripod easel is perfect for use by both amateur and professional artists and comes with a zip-up carrying bag. It has a tray for you to place your painting brushes and other art accessories.

With its adjustable height, this easel can hold a variety of drawing boards of various heights and widths. Simply shake the height of the easel gently by hand to find the most appropriate position for the height of your drawing board. The non-slip and adjustable angle feet prevents this easel from slipping on most surface.

We find this to be a great and stable field easel that’s value for money.


Bob Ross 2-in-1 Studio Easel

Bob Ross 2-in-1 Studio Easel (as seen on Netflix). Image source: Amazon

Image source: Amazon.com


Ever wonder what easel did Bob Ross use as seen on the Bob Ross Netflix series? Well, it’s the Bob Ross 2-in-1 Studio Easel. It’s now available on Amazon!

Made entirely of white baked enamel steel, this easel provides an incredibly strong and stable base. Apart from the brand popularity of this easel, some artists who bought it shared that their brush strokes improved significantly thanks to it’s four-legged base!

The easel has a long bottom shelf where you can place all of your art supplies including a bucket of water to clean your brushes. The top canvas holder can be adjusted to any angle, including forward or backward. The canvas holder is also removable and portable, which you can use as a tabletop easel.

It’s multi-purpose and value for money.


Bob Ross Tabletop Travel Easel Set

Bob Ross Master Artist Oil Paint Set Bundle with Wood Tabletop Travel Art Easel and Canvas Panels. Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon.com

If you’re a Bob Ross fan and a beginner artist, you will love this Bob Ross Tabletop Travel Easel Set.

It comes bundled with Bob Ross Master Oil painting set, SoHo 12in x 16in canvas panels, the rambler folding wood art and the table easel made from natural beechwood and brass plated hardware.

The easel can support a canvas up to 27 inches (68.5cm) high despite its small size. Both travel and storage are made easier with the folding design.


Good To Know: Types of Easels

As mentioned, there are several different easels to pick from. So before making your purchase, it’s good to familiarise yourself with the following types.

Image source: Artsupply.com

Compact Art Easels


This is the most commonly used easel by beginner, students and intermediate artists. Its movable bar design can handle a wide range of canvas sizes and is a reasonably priced option for budget-conscious artists. Plus, when they’re not in use, they’re simple to store.

Bench Easel

The bench easel is commonly used in art classes and is great for both drawing and painting while viewing a subject. It’s a no-nonsense choice, but it will take up a lot of space on the floor.

Tabletop Easel

Looking a lot like a scaled down A-Frame, tabletop easels are ideal for small scale paintings and are best for artists who only paint on occasion or who live in small spaces. It is one of the most affordable options available.

Portable Easels

French Easel

There’s no doubting the usefulness of the classic French easel when it comes to painting on the go. French easels are ideal for artists who wish to paint outside their studio and fold them down to a tiny briefcase-style form.

Field Easel

Field easels are designed to be portable and used for en plein air painting. These easels are typically medium or modest in size, with telescoping or folding legs and a tripod design.

Heavy-duty Easels

H-Frame Easel

H-Frame easels have a strong base and sturdy frame. They are usually the largest and sturdiest of all easels. They don’t normally fold up, therefore they take up a lot more room in storage than conventional easels.

An H-frame easel is a wonderful investment if you have a dedicated studio because they are more solid and allow you to paint on larger canvases than other studio easels. A crank handle on some H-frame easels allows you to easily move the canvas rest up and down.

It is best used for commissioned paintings because of it’s ability to accommodate huge canvases and includes a variety of features like non-skid grips, and trays.


How Do I Choose The Best Easel For My Painting?

Now that you know about the different types of easels, how do you choose the best one for your needs? You’ll be able to make a more informed decision if you can answer these questions:

  • What kind of paintings would I like to make?
  • Do I require any additional features, such as an adjustable canvas height or a supply tray?
  • Am I doing a small or a large scale painting?
  • Is a portable easel required for on-location work, or can a stationary easel suffice?
  • When the easel is not in use, how much space do I have to keep it?
  • What type of composition or material do I want when choosing my easel?
  • What is my budget?

This is our best assessment of easels in 2022 that are all available in the marketplace. We hope you enjoyed reading, as much as we enjoyed researching and writing this guide and have found it useful in helping you decide the best easel to fuel your creativity and passion for the arts.

Do you have a favorite one? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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