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Gorgeous Prints & Packaging Design Collection – March 2022

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New this month, curated prints and packaging design projects you will love! Featured designers include Cansu Dağbağlı, Marina Zakharova, Jaewan ParkAfter Brand Consultants and many more. Check out their latest work in this blog post.


Baltija – Chocolate Collection by Motiejus Gaigalas, Vytenis Petrusevičius and Žydrūnas Šlajus


Battler’s Brew by Morgan Hancock and Paul Lee


Sinful – a Craft Beer by Rida Abbasi


ONE DAY IN BEIJING by Dark Question 野


Juice Branding by Cansu Dağbağlı

Submitted by Cansu Dağbağlı
Fruitperserij Lierman is a family managed company located in Belgium. It’s a small apple juice production facility that people can bring their apples and have their own juices made. The company decided to launch their own apple juice brand, “Non de Jus!” to sell in local stores & supermarkets in glass bottles and cans. At the beginning there will be 3 flavors in the line: Apple Sweet (from red apple), Apple & Strawberry and Apple & Cherry.

The idea behind the logo and the branding system is that this apple juice is real, intimate and full of nutrients! So the branding is transparency oriented in the “Rise of Food Transparency” era. I have created the color palette inspired by the corresponding juice colors. The logo symbol is used like a tag, placed on the apple images in the posters, promotional and other brand visuals to underline the Lierman quality and the fact that the origin of this product is transparent, it is produced in Belgium.


Fruity packaging design by Kamila / Buzzy Graphics


Morningio | Package design by Marina Zakharova


Book Covers by Peter Mendelsund




Packaging Design for Tea by Adnan_Branding


TSUGITE by Jaewan Park


YETI x Austin FC – Man Of The Match Tundra 45 by Keith Davis Young


ANNA THIERRY by Estudio Albino and Roberto De Leon


All you need is love by After Brand Consultants


NEXT COFFEE by Ben 草没味啊 and Wei Hou


Bahlsen Global Relaunch by Auge Design and Miriam Frescura


Mária Almenara by After Brand Consultants



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