deadly sins 7 pieces art series by houda bakkali

“Deadly Sins” by Houda Bakkali – An Intersection Between Art, Augmented Reality and Self-Expression

There is always something intriguing about Houda’s art projects. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with her once more. This time, she discusses with me her most recent art series “Deadly Sins“, which will be exhibited in various contemporary art exhibitions and institutions both inside and outside of Spain from 2022 to 2023.

Her exhibitions particularly at the College of Physicians of Malaga, Malaga and Louise Se Va, Barcelona in Spain is something that you should check out. You can get to meet her in person and see her “Deadly Sins” come to live in a dynamic and immersive experience, specially designed for this exhibition. There will also be an exclusive vernissage for guests.

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First of all, congratulations on your new “Deadly Sins” series art exhibition. Can you tell me what inspired you to create the art series?

This is a very special and very personal work, which arose spontaneously and viscerally, like the deadly sins themselves. One of the motivations is that world of excesses, weaknesses, rivalry, envy, invented lives, imaginary friends, uncontrolled egos. It is nothing new, it is the essence of being human, we all sin and we are all part of that vicious circle. These “Deadly Sins” are nourished by the unstoppable judgment of others, they are magnified more and more, they bind us. These skins are a tempting, addictive game with no limits. They can even be a source of happiness and satisfaction. In the end, “Deadly sins” is a metaphor of frivolity, of the vanity of life and of art in an ironic key, because reality is really more bearable and appetizing if we see it and live it with humor. For that, art is the best tool. It is a simple work with a simple message. Like life itself.


Tell me about your College of Physicians of Malaga Médicos de Málaga art exhibition

It’s an authentic honor this invitation to exhibit at the College of Physicians of Málaga (Spain), a College with such prestige and history. Málaga is a city that is strongly linked to art and creativity, a city full of energy and motivation. Being able to exhibit there and in such an emblematic place is an honor.


And also about your Louise Se Va art exhibition?

I am working on different exhibitions with different colleagues and professionals. But I wanted the first public presentation of the series to be in a place that had a great emotional value for me, the Louise Se Va is an emblematic place in Barcelona that has been the meeting point of friends for years. I also wanted it to be in Barcelona, a city where my friends, my works, my colleagues, my professional career are. That’s why I wanted to gather all that positive energy, the best memories and future projects at Louise Se Va.


Your art pieces are very captivating and I’m curious to know the creative process behind them. What kinds of materials or techniques did you use to create the “Deadly Sins” series?

I have created digital art for 20 years. I have not changed my style or technique. I have always done the same. In some series, like this one, I have combined the digital base printed on canvas with acrylic to embellish the canvases, creating textures and break flat tones.

“Deadly Sins” features animated versions of all 7 pieces as well as augmented reality versions of each piece. The series will be exhibited in different spaces and in each of them it will surprise the public with a different aesthetic and message, as in my previous series and exhibitions.


Can you tell us why you’ve decided to incorporate augmented reality in your art?

Augmented reality has been part of my work since I presented the series “Life is beautiful” in Monte-Carlo, Monaco a years ago. It is an essential part of my work and an exceptional way to present the motivations of each piece, describe its elements and reveal the stories behind its characters.

It is also a way of guaranteeing the client the exclusivity of each artwork, its continuity and dynamism over time. In addition, during the exhibition, it is a fun way to make the viewer participate in the work, to immerse himself in it and live a different and dynamic experience from a static canvas.

I’ve been following your creative journey for a while now. It’s exciting to see your passion in making a positive impact on society with your art. As a visual artist, what is your biggest motivation and legacy do you wish to leave behind?

My parents have been very important in my life and continue to be a source of inspiration and continuous learning. The figure of my mother, especially, has been essential in my artistic work. Not only because of her beauty, but because of her personality. A strong, serene woman, very faithful to her values, eloquent, who demonstrated things with facts and without grandiose speeches. No weird headlines or looking for applause from others.

The figure of my father and his memory fill me with energy. He had an immensely charismatic personality, strong, optimistic, he was a very determined man who always achieved his goals. That is a continuous inspiration.

Because of my job, I have the great fortune to travel a lot and meet people from all over the world, of all kinds. That dynamism greatly enriches my work and is a great source of motivation. My source of inspiration is also in books, in music, in movies, in conversations, observing the reality that surrounds us. Inspiration can really be anywhere.


Last but not least, may I also know what is your biggest dream as an artist?

I try to dream little and work a lot. The bad thing about dreams is that you wake up and find reality (laughs). If you asked me this question a few years ago, the answer would have been totally different, today I can answer that my dream is not to lose my identity and the values in which I grew up. Not lose ambition and motivation to continue working in my own way and in what I like. And, above all, being able to freely choose where to be and with whom to journey.

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