typography inspiration march 2022 - 36 Days of Type N by Varun Kumar

Beautiful Typography & Hand Lettering Works – March 2022

New typography and hand lettering works for your inspiration this month. Yurie Takashima, Jo Neo, Varun Kumar, Sawdust, and many others are among the handpicked projects showcased. Take a look at their incredible work below.


Kana (Japanese syllabaries) paper-cut art by Yurie Takashima


36 Days of Type: B by Ethan Fender


Pencil Pushers by Mark Caneso


Flawlessness – Diamond Type Design by Jo Neo


Lettering Collection. by Anna Banani


TYPE and TREATs by Stefan Chinoff


A collection of Arabic type by ahmed khedr


36 Days of Type N by Varun Kumar


Take It Easy by Dan Cederholm


Mothership Font by Jake Samuelson


ELASTIC | Typeface by Inês Santos


Smart Meters / Smart Energy by Sawdust


CALLIGRAPHY WALLS 2020 – 2021 by Stepan Barnev and Black Triangle


Autumn Lettering and Illustration by Dorka K


Joy by chinthye law


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