36 days of type 2022 - The Lost Dinosaur Alphabet by Pixelbox Estudio Gráfico

Beautiful Typography & Hand Lettering Works – February 2022

New typography and hand lettering works you may have not seen before are featured in this month’s collection. Among the curated projects featured are by We Are Impero, Orsi Büki, Lex Wilson, Pixelbox Estudio Gráfico’s 36 days of type and many more. Check out their amazing work below.


Valentine by Mary Kate McDevitt


Back to School with George at ASDA by We Are Impero, Cristina Corredor Béjar, Longbin Li and James Parkinson 


Wendy’s by Tanya Kar


LOVE by Orsi Büki


MYHRA by StudioPaack


B is for Blossom by ANNA Gugutishvili


36 Days of Type 08 – Landscapes by Yegor Meteor


Domestika | Creativity Mural by Rebeca Cyrineu


Cyber Beading by Alina Kompa


Fantastic Three-Dimensional Lettering by Lex Wilson


???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? by Greg Christman


H.I.G.H. Podcast Title Treatments by Chaz Russo


Support Local by Ale Hernández


Thrive Amidst Chaos by Laura Dillema


Type Thursday Poster by Andrei Nicolescu


All Good Now by Vedad Siljak


Handcrafted Lettering & Signage by Ged Palmer


Type experiments 01 by Huston Wilson


The Lost Dinosaur Alphabet by Pixelbox Estudio Gráfico


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