UI design inspiration - Galaxy Watch Active by eungun Kim and ATMAN studio

Amazing UX/UI Design Inspiration – February 2022

New curated collection of UX/UI design projects for your inspiration this month. Among featured projects are by Andri SetiawanOluwafemi Olajimbiti, Cary, Alessio Longa and many more.


???? Natura – Nature News Portal Website by Andri Setiawan ???? for SLAB Design Studio


Adidas___01 by Sally Kutarashvili

Live share files comment upload photo : SaaS web by Masud Rana


Pet Adoption App by Oluwafemi Olajimbiti

Submitted by Oluwafemi Olajimbiti


Pet NFT Marketplace ???? by Faris Muhtadi ????????‍♂️ for Design Forty-Eight


Banking App Concept by Conceptzilla for Shakuro


EverAfter Homepage, SaaS by Julien Renvoye for Voila


Give Tips App by Nasir Nurency


lakgallery.com by Hrvoje Grubisic for HOLOGRAPHIK®


Lysec | UI Exploration by Mayad Ahmed


Ecohau Riverside Residential by Logan Cee


Center for research in perspective technologies by Andrey Kuznetsov


Pinjol – Loan Website Hero Section Happy Tri Milliarta for Odama


Icon Scene by Cary


BRAVA HOME® by Lazarev. ✦


Paolo Mottadelli Website by Alessio Longa


Hyperframe Interactive Experience by Martin Ehrlich, Theo Favereau and Oui Will


Galaxy Watch Active by eungun Kim and ATMAN studio



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