hand lettering inspiration 2022 - Synesthetic Letters by Dasha Pears

Beautiful Typography & Hand Lettering Works – January 2022

This month’s curated typography, fonts and hand lettering work include latest projects by Lara Paulussen, Txaber, fonts by Dora Typefoundry and many more. Check out their typography and hand lettering projects below.

Psychedelic Beer Label Lettering & Illustration by Sydney Prusso

Festival Marketing – Afropunk Music Festival by Tshepo Masilo

Posters;) by Anastasia Ibragimova

字體設計(無樂不造) by GuoHao Yuan

Pattern typography by Txaber _

What I can do for this planet by Lara Paulussen

Flower CSA by SG Kivett

Every great design begins with a great font 😉 by Florian Grunt

Logotype by Frans Bergström

Magiona Display by Dora Typefoundry

Asian Fairy Tales by MUTI

Solve Bigger Problems – Lettering Sketch for CMOx by Yevdokimov

Spacecadet kinetic typography by Dominik Budimir for HOLOGRAPHIK®

Type_Collection_02 by Artur Tenczynski

Hand lettering postcards. by Anna Banani

Designer’s Blessing by Maggie Enterrios

Synesthetic Letters by Dasha Pears

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