packaging design collection december 2020 featured image - Wine bottle label design by Marina Zakharova for Demyanchuk Art Studio
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Gorgeous Prints & Packaging Design Collection – December 2021

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You will love this month’s latest curated collection of prints and packaging design projects.

From product packaging of all sorts to album and magazine prints, the creativity behind the designs will amaze you. Just take a look.


Future Noodles by Otherway


Scents of Normality by Uncommon and Earl of East


University Suite Boxes by Marcus Williamson


백현(BAEKHYUN) – 공중정원 (Garden In The Air) (Non-official) by YEZIN KIM


淡蘭生態徽章組 & 淡蘭全線地圖掛布 by I-Chen Huang, Matinal Design 早起設計 and Pei-Hsuan Kuan


Little Palms by Gökçe Düzgün


mediterranei by Fabio Verdelli, Minjuan Yao, Deborah Dalla Palma, Manuel Frasson and Damiano Marcon


ETUDE MILKY NEW YEAR ENDORSER KIT​​ by Saerom Lee, Yeon Ho Jeoung and Swan Lee




BERRIES PACKAGING by Alejandra Forero


brat | game card by Ecem Sekban and OST Creative


MCR COFFEE by 臨時開張 OPENO.HK, o b and 0-0-255 Satoh


Viyana Kahvesi pt.3 by Salih Küçükağa


Packaging design concepts for Softs by Alex Spenser for The Faces Studio


Lostboy Cider March Can: Cherry Blossom by Lisa McCormick


Wine bottle label design by Marina Zakharova for Demyanchuk Art Studio


Bombay Sapphire Packaging Illustration by Maggie Enterrios


Body20 by Pearlfisher


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