Gorgeous Prints & Packaging Design Collection – September 2021 featured image

Gorgeous Prints & Packaging Design Collection – September 2021

Check out the following prints and packaging design projects we’ve curated for this month. Among the featured works are by Cristian Maynez, Walk with David, Angela Pereira and many more!


Creative Juice cup labeling. by iOTA Infotech


Skal Craft Beer by Cristian Maynez

Submitted by Cristian Maynez
In Scandinavian culture, skal is a gesture to make a toast in good spirits. It also means “cheers”. The terms goes back in Old Norwegian tradition where people celebrated in feasts to thank the gods.

I love reading stories and lores about Norse Mythology. This personal project is intended to show my appreciation and passion.


LOURSE WARSZAWA by Walk with David


Best customers gift for Anthropologie by Mirim Seo


Shaping. Optimistic consumer decisions by Eyla Llarena Aliaño


Revista gastronómica by Angela pereira


SOLBAKE | Bakery Visual Identity Design by Lung-Hao Chiang


Why Not Spreads by Juan Montes and Borondo. Studio


MOSE Beer by Alíz Stocker


Garage CBD Sparkling Water by Salih Küçükağa


Lit by Raboin Design Co


Gelateria Giuffrè by Giulia Santopadre and viola moroni


EvDekoru Shopping bag by Alex Spenser for The Faces Studio


Amarelli – Licorice Packaging by Pietro Ansideri


千年烧坊酱酒系列 by UNIDEA BANK


CACAOSUYO · Packaging by Fibra · Branding & Packaging, Lua Cieza, Andrea Gálvez and Bicho Raro


Mudres Fashion Branding by Halo Graphic for Halo La


Durex Limited Edition Pack Design by Alena Kuznetsova


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