Creative Art & Illustrations Inspiration – August 2021

Check out this month’s curated collection of illustrations, 3D & digital art, sketches, paintings and many more. Some of the artworks featured here have interesting stories that will amaze you.

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Self portrait by Tumiso Bruce Marule

Submitted by Tumiso Bruce Marule


Sharpie’s sketches by Ben Sharpe

Submitted by Ben Sharpe
Self-taught sketch artist and still learning new and different things.


New Artwork 1 by Hopoo Vo

New Artwork 1 by Hopoo Vo - Waves and Wall Cloud
Waves and Wall Cloud
New Artwork 1 by Hopoo Vo - Sleeping on the waves
Sleeping on the waves
New Artwork 1 by Hopoo Vo - The gardener
The gardener


Illustration for CreativeMornings. by Anna Fadeeva


Domestic violence on children. For Novaya Gazeta by Natalia Yamshchikova


Swedish spring flowers by Stefan Hörberg


Depiction of the natural visible and invisible worlds by Adela Otani

Submitted by Adela Otani
My name is Adela Otani. As a visual artist I create from the nature visible and invisible worlds, to share good energy.  Follow my art on Instagram!


Drawing challenge by Angela Ho


Portrait paintings by Rick Lane

Submitted by Rick Lane
I’m an 23 year old artist who has a passion for oil painting and pen/pencil drawings. I love to create portraits in a realistic and traditional art style but sometimes incorporate other style such as, fantasy art, digital, and little bit of abstract. I started drawing when I was 4, and I’ve always had an affinity to creativity and imagination.

My inspiration is drawn from the renaissance era, victorian era, and 50’s hyperrealistism, and I wish to reach the skill level in future. Art for me has always been about aesthetics and visuals, and seldom about having some deep meaning, however the older I got, I realized my painting can have a meaningful impact either to me or the viewer. Art has the power to inspire, heal, teach, and move society forward, so I feel I have a duty to fulfil with art.


From Death to Eternity by Ethem Onur Bilgiç


How does love feel? | Client: Carpe Diem Magazine by Luisa Rivera


Portrait Paintings – Women of Courage by Kenneth Pils


DIVERTIMENTO by Houda Bakkali for Sanremo Casino

Submitted by Houda Bakkali
Divertimento from the “Loving Italy” series; gives the expression to what the Casino stands for. Elegance, music, fun and magic are transmitted through the colors of Divertimento.

Houda Bakkali is our featured artist for this month. Read the project’s back story in this article.


Nonduality paintings by Yuga©

Submitted by Yuga©


Single Cover – Most Def // Bukue One, Frank Knight, Dray Yard by Serchis Creative

Submitted by Serchis Creative
Tion Torrence aka Bukue One is a modern day bboy, graffer, producer and emcee from the Bay Area, equally influenced by the cultures of skateboarding and hip-hop, found prevalently where he was raised. In 1998 Tion‘s company, Urban Productions, put together a four-day hip-hop / action sports festival in San Francisco that united skateboarding and hip-hop, featuring an A-list of artists, bboy crews, DJs and professional skaters.

Frank Knight, also known as Knizza or Frank Knizza, is a hip-hop artist and activist, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Frank uses his artistry and influence to convey the message of hope, self-determination and love to express the stories of all the impoverished low income individuals from all corners of the world, and has been featured on The SourceHot 97Hip-Hop DX and many more.

Most Def is the 8th track on Dray Yard‘s 2013 album Hand Grenades & Serenades, subsequently released as a single in 2021.

The track features Bukue One and Frank Knight‘s dazzling lyrics and flow on a steezy, laid-back beat signed by Belarus producer Dray Yard.

Our team has delivered an expressive cover art for Most Def, using an abstract arctic scenery as the base element, along with the song credits in solid sans serif typography on the bottom side.

Most Def is distributed independently and is available for listening exclusively on Bandcamp and Audiomack.

For a short period in the early 90s, the parallel worlds of hip-hop and skating went askew and converged. At the time both were still perceived by the mainstream as antisocial behaviors and temporary fads. Hip-hop was not “real music”. Skating was not a “real sport”. 

In 2006, these perceptions couldn’t be further from the truth, as both disciplines have become fully integrated into the mainstream consciousness, not to mention multi-billion dollar industries. Somewhere along the way their paths diverged and these days they have few intersections even though they remain brothers in spirit. Yet there are some who walk among us that remember those days when hip-hop was an integral part of skating, says Tion.

Bukue One is a product of that confluence of underground currents. In his hip-hop dictionary, there are 5 core elements: rapping, DJing, breakdancing, graffiti and skateboarding. Intromission is the extraordinary album of a true Bay Area original, who in a single leap can pull a 360° kickflip, throw up a graffiti burner, and spit a tight verse.

Client quote: That’s it!

Timestamp: January 2021


Decorative items for the home by DANIELE JOSEPH

Hi, my name is Daniele also known as DJart.Iam a visual creator and educator residing in the Caribbean. My creations are mainly done using water base paints or oil paints. My inspiration comes from many sources, it just depends on what I  will like to communicate or express in a piece. However, I am deeply motivated by using brightcolours in artworks, simply because it improves and uplifts the mood.


Houda Bakkali, life is beautiful in Monaco

Submitted by Coctel Art Magazine
The Monegasque restaurant Le Pinocchio host the artwork of Houda Bakkali, “Life is beautiful” in an exhibition that also proposes the public to experiment with augmented reality.

The Monegasque restaurant Le Pinocchio will host the artwork of Houda Bakkali, “Life is beautiful” in an exhibition that also proposes the public to experiment with augmented reality.

With the artwork “Life is beautiful”, the visual artist Houda Bakkali launches a universal message of optimism and hope. The protagonist is a female figure inspired by her missing mother, a women’s rights activist to whom the artist dedicated this work in memory of their summers in Monaco.

“Life is beautiful” becomes an icon of free and strong femininity. A tribute to nature is reinterpreted through the flowers. A fresh, romantic, funny and snobbish vision. The work is completed with two performances based on augmented reality.

About Le Pinocchio
Le Pinocchio is a legendary restaurant, located in the heart of Monaco, a few meters from the Grimaldi Palace. Its gastronomic bet fuses Mediterranean flavours with Italian haute cuisine. Its exquisite wine list puts the finishing touch to a unique gastronomic space on the Riviera, acclaimed by the world jet-set, who leaves their visit immortalized in the restaurant’s mythical golden book and in the gallery of images inside the premises.

AR video


The Droste Effect in Watercolor by Marija Tiurina


Feel The World by Moy Lee


Meandering River – audiovisual art installation by onformative .com


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