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Creative Art & Illustrations Inspiration – May 2021

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Check out this month’s curated collection of the best illustrations, 3D & digital art, collage art, sketches, doodles and paintings created by artists from around the world.


LOVE. YES/NO by Liza Burlutskaya



Travel and Journeys by Sara Omar

Submitted by Sara Omar
An exploration of city life and travel. Mediums used include charcoal, pastel and oil paints. A snapshot of my art journey 🙂


Romance of Rome by Aleksandra Chelysheva


Illustration for an animal shelter by Anastasiia Ananasik


Submitted by Anastasiia Ananasik
This is an illustration for an animal shelter. I dream that all homeless animals will find their home.  


Inspirational 3D Shapes by Andrew Kliatskyi


Illustration for K. Grahame “The Wind in the Willows” by masha dudar


Life is a Camera by Charlotte Grieves

Submitted by Charlotte Grieves
My last last work is the reflection of how in a flash everyone, everything could be an endlessly moment.


Acrylic painting on canvas. Lighthouse. by Evelina Titova



Access to Art by Georgina Saunders

Sarah Dwyer, Black Chat Sew Rib at Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop

Submitted by Georgina Saunders
Last March, as the impending lockdown loomed over us, I began to panic. The potential of everything closing filled me with dread. Where would I go? What would I do? But, what I would miss most were galleries. After moving to London, this huge dirty, lonely city, art galleries became a sort of second home. They are a place I go to cheer up, to be inspired, to meet people. The prospect of losing this connection to such an enriching source of culture was unthinkable. Yet, the lockdown happened.

These limitations taught me to rethink the way I interact with art and this was when I developed the ‘Access to Art’ series. This project, featuring interviews with contemporary emerging artists and industry professionals, was about sharing the work of those whose exhibitions had been closed or cancelled due to the lockdown and took a look at the changing landscape around us. However this series has since transformed, becoming a thought space, connecting artistic practices to real world experiences, concerns and changes. ⁠

The project really is about making art accessible to all and starting conversations. Take a look and let’s keep the conversation going!


Portraits in oil paint by Jørgen Olsen

Submitted by Jørgen Olsen
The human body is my main artistic interest. So, I do portraits in oil paint. These projects take a long time (8-12 months) to finish because I spend a lot of time looking at the painting referencing it to my sketches and ideas. Meanwhile I keep practising with graphite drawings and digital art.


Perception by Andrei Varga


Landscape series by Alishaba Munir Ahmed


Submitted by Alishaba Munir Ahmed


PAINTINGS by Muraleedharan t


Tiger_Chiang_Art_Studio by Chiang Miing Yen

Submitted by Chiang Miing Yen

I’m Ming Yen and I’m a part-time artist. Love to explore the world and the nature. That’s why most of my art work is about landscape and the outdoor. 


Dragon Pup by Tariq Viana

Submitted by Tariq Viana
Inspired by the concept of The Picsees, “Still life with a Dragon Pup”.
Software: Zbrush, Substance Painter and Marmoset Toolbag


MCU Gender Swap by Dominika Herichova

Submitted by Dominika Herichova
I am a creative practitioner whose interest lies mainly in socio-political and environmental topics. I see the art and design industry as a tool for a positive change, but I also acknowledge that it, knowingly or unknowingly, affects our societies and the world in many negative ways.

My ongoing (and never ending) research aims to identify and minimise such impacts through gradual implementation of the concepts of sustainability together with the values of ethics, diversity, and inclusion into my practice. My work reflects what I am passionate to learn about and improve on – social justice, empowerment and positive change, human rights, feminism, environmental and climate justice.

I like to explore these themes through the use of illustration, graphics and typography. My ambition is to produce work that is interesting, inclusive, diverse and bold in style, the use of media and the message.


Retro-Pellicule by Franck Ezan


Blue Lagoon by Anna Sidi-Yacoub


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