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Latest Logo Design & Branding Inspiration – February 2021

Check out this month’s best logo design and branding projects for your inspiration. They are top-notch branding works created by designers from all over the world.


Odyssey Collective by Pantone . Studio

Submitted by Pantone . Studio


Skwatta Boi Logo & Branding by 25thcenturydesign

Submitted by 25thcenturydesign
The logo reflects the raw, uninhibited, expressive nature of Skwatta Boi’s music and brand. It also taps into, and references, the street culture closely associated with Skwatta Boi’s music and lifestyle.

Although the logo is raw and expressive, it pairs up perfectly with Skwatta Boi’s more sophisticated and modern other brand design elements and fonts. This to reflect both Skwatta Boi’s music and savvy entrepreneurial business side.

Skwatta Boi’s vision for his brand is to expand into a lifestyle brand that sells apparel, music gear and other lifestyle products. We made sure the logo is optimised and future proof to live up to this vision.


Dadabai Holdings by . muh .


Jaddah and Granny – Rebranding by Fatima Nazir


Passiflora Global Logo by Marvin Policarpio

Submitted by Marvin Policarpio
Passiflora Global offers a variety of local destinations. They are able to make bookings easy because of their easy-to-use app.


Cocorico Studio Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka




Negative Reality Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka


Branding for Flavia Botanicals by Mustafa Akülker


Gianaris Law Firm – Branding by Inna Zarytska


Bakery branding design by Emir Kudic


Josh Antolin – Brand Visual Identity by Daryl Alviar


The Table Brand Identity Design by Jinsuh Chung and Juyoung Park


Branding by Sara Danoun


Norie’s Sweet Escape – Logo and Packaging Design by Kevin Christian


Gifted by Ville Oké

Submitted by Ville Oké
The Gifted Company™ aims to change the way we give and receive gifts digitally. They do this through offering a wide variety of gift cards from brands of all sizes.

The identity is centered around the shape of a gift card, present in the logo as well as in the illustrations and icons. The card is at the the heart of the product and user experience, acting as a uniting framework for all the different brands in the app.

The card graphic can also be used to create colorful, dynamic background patterns or act as a container for text and images. See more at


Bonpak logo design by Bizon Production


Q + B Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka


Aniad – lettering logo by Mikhail Filatov



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