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Creative Art & Illustrations Inspiration – January 2021

In this monthly collection, we are feature some of the best illustrations, digital art, sketches, doodles and paintings from around the world. Check them out for some artistic inspiration.


Monroe by didit sept


To be Born by Louis Ibrahima Tranvan


Looking Back – Autumn Edition by Pamela Hoo

Submitted by Pamela Hoo
I made this back in October 2020. This was one of the illustrations for a book I planned to make— which is still on hold due to writer’s block. This chapter is talks about my past experiences, which led to the inspiration of this illustration. As you can see, that varsity jacket was one of the earliest wardrobes of Kagome (the girl in the picture). I created her when I was around 11 or 12, wearing that jacket, and she has been an identity of mine ever since.

I was looking up Medibang tips in drawing trees and I thought this was the opportunity. It was gonna have that sunrise vibe alone, but didn’t realize it looked like autumn season in this illustration. I fell in love with the result, though I may have to rely on Photoshop brushes from now on.

This was made in Medibang Paint Pro.


Bölzer – Chlorophyllia Single Cover Art by Yağız Eyiişleyen


Digital Art by Oliver Kuhlmann

Batman 1989







The Munsters


Buildings of Sheffield by Jack Martindale

Submitted by Jack MartindaleI
I’m an illustrator with a keen passion for drawing what’s around me, with as much detail as I possibly can, by hand as a rule and edit colour in digitally.  I made these three illustrations with an eye to expressing my love and inspiration for the great city of Sheffield. A place where I went to university and went on to stay.

The set includes my old uni haunt (the former Old Post Office), the Weston Park Bandstand and finally the public library/Graves Library. The latter for me was important to draw because I really believe in and enjoy libraries, even if they’re something not often used anymore with the internet at our fingertips.


Q1 2020 – Sad and Muted by Julius Alvin Balba


Cyberpunk Artwork Series by Maxime Hacquard, Abel Arce, sylvain favre




“LOVE IS…” 2021 Calendar by M. Jima Ware

Submitted by M. Jima Ware
I am a Haitian-American abstract artist who motivates, drive deep thought and inspire change to my viewers. I designed “LOVE IS…”, which is a 2021 calendar inspired by 1 Corinthians 13. The calendar features my new original drawings that displays the process of love. For the month of January, “love thyself” shows the  mind and heart intertwined. Loving yourself starts with your mind and heart. The process of love starts with you. Also, the calendar features monthly goal and motivation logs. It’s a place where you can log your goals that you want to achieve for that particular month and a place where you can list positive moments that occurred. Having this list gives you a daily reminder of what you want to accomplish and the good moments thats happened. These simple elements will help you to become the best you. You can purchase your copy of the calendar at ArtPal .



Getting to know myself by Jack Savage

Submitted by Jack Savage
I found art when I most needed something to occupy my time, and it ended up being so much more than that for me. In all honesty, I think it saved my life, simply by giving it purpose.

Last year, I started to explore my identity (partially my trans identity, but also who I am as a whole) through a series of self portraits. For this specific project, I focused on conveying my inner self rather than just what I look like. In order to do this, I started by taking a photo of myself, and then proceeded to do a series of very quick and rough sketches of this photo (as seen in the first image). I then deleted the reference photo, forcing myself to work only from my rough studies, and therefore relying a lot on my memory and my own idea of what I think I look like.

I then started to explore developing this into mixed media pieces – the first being a smaller piece, half charcoal and half a fabric collage. I was trying to show the dichotomy between my past self and my future self, and the unity between the two. I then developed this into a larger piece, half of the portrait in charcoal and the other half in oil paint. I used the 3D element of the syringe and the string quite explicitly to show the effect of my hormone injections on my transition, but also how generally I feel I’m evolving as an individual and an artist.

This project made me feel closer to myself, and helped me get closer to a point of accepting that who I am right now is just as important as who I would like to be some day.


Perfume illustration (spec) by Ilona Za


the super selfie! by Despina Thrasyvoulou


Focus by Katarzyna I. Kowalska




My Beginnings by Yaseen El-Ghandour

Submitted by Yaseen El-Ghandour
I am Yaseen El-Ghandour, a 16-year-old who has been obsessed with art ever since I was a kid. It is my dream and passion to one day work as a professional artist and I am slowly but surely edging towards that goal. Whether it is by practicing every day or by simply being fascinated about everything that has to do with art. So it would be my pleasure for you to tag along this long journey with me and help me see it through till the very end.


SPAIN_2 by Zhanna Karapetyan


Deep Blue by Rimantas Juškaitis


At the Zoo: Flamingos by Sara Waldmann


Children’s Book Illustrations by Huseyin Sonmezay


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