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Animated GIFs Inspiration – January 2021

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Ushering the new year with our first blogpost for 2021. We share with you some new, funny and cute animated GIFs handpicked and showcased here for your inspiration.

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Watermelon by Marianna Raskin


Vibrant by Egle Plytnikaite


Illustrations for LA MER by Oamul Lu


You’re Fired! by by Alfie Bogush


Self Portrait #2 by Alfie Bogush for Cub Studio


Happy Walk by Markus Magnusson


It’s just rain. by Danny Catterall


Zoom Sessions #20Gifsfor2020 by Elen Winata


Stickers for GIPHY by Kosha Bathia

Lepidoptera obscura (Animated GIFs) by VLAD stankovic

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