How to Use Fonts Effectively in Graphic Design
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How to Use Fonts Effectively in Graphic Design?

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Graphic Designers like to experiment with different fonts as the right font can have a great impact on their design. If you are a professional graphic designer, you must be aware of the sensitivity of using the right fonts in a design. Apart from following other essential rules, it is one of the crucial ones that need to be followed.

Do you know that the right pairing of fonts can make your website stand out and let you proceed one step ahead of your competitors?

Think about the fonts used by notable companies and brands for their logos, including Disney, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola. Would they receive the same acknowledgment worldwide if they didn’t pay particular consideration to their font choice? Probably No.

Before picking the font, an experienced designer looks for various factors that involve audiences, brand targets, and the company’s plans. After knowing all this, they chose a font that goes best with everything.

Though it is a bit complicated yet with guidance and in-depth knowledge, you can make the right choice. If you are a beginner and no idea where to start and how to start, here is a detailed guide coming your way. Grab your notebook and list down this fundamental terminology idiom.


1. Create the Hierarchy

A good graphic designer knows how to create a hierarchy for people’s better understanding. Hierarchy is divided into 2 significant parts, out of which one refers to Typography Hierarchy. In order to make a pleasant design, you should come up with well-organized content that would be pleasing to the eyes.

The public understands and perceives what you are trying to convey through your content. The Typography Hierarchy aims to organize the content with headings, subheadings, and captions so that the visitor won’t find it hard to read and understand your text.

However, one should know which font should be used for Heading, subheading, and the body. By having proper knowledge regarding the font selection, you can come up with a successful and worth admiring design. It is the first step towards effectively using fonts in Graphic design.


2. Make it Clear and Understandable

Understandability is a crucial element when it comes to choosing fonts. Without public understandability, your design is of no use. Imagine having a messed-up design with a wretched font selection. Would anyone like to visit your site, or would they prefer to switch to someone else’s site with a better understanding of design?

You can come across various fonts that will maintain the understanding level of your design. One of them is supreme font that were founded in New York and it’s one of the highly used fonts portrayed in white color with a red background. You can make the pairing of Futura font with Supreme Font.

Apart from this, you can get your hands on many serifs and Sans-Serif fonts that will help you keep the design’s understandability level. Being a designer, it is one of the critical element that should never be taken for granted.


3. Be Concerned about Mobile Typography

Designers look for every single detail and experiment with different fonts, but when it comes to mobile Typography, they don’t pay special attention to it. We all know that 70 to 80% of users check your website or design from mobiles, and everyone uses different mobile screens.

For effective use of fonts in graphic design, make sure your design appears appropriate on every mobile screen so that the visitor won’t face a tough time in understanding your design. To avoid issues regarding mobile Typography, experiment with the selected fonts from different mobile screens and once you are satisfied, proceed with it. When a designer considers every tiny detail, it will let them have a worth admiring design.


4. Let Your Text Breathe

Spacing is one of the common issues that designers often make, and it results in bad legibility. To make the legibility level High, designers should concern about line spacing, word spacing, and text spacing in a design. When you don’t keep a proper distance among words or sentences, it will become hard for a reader to understand your context.

Hence, giving adequate space between words and sentences will be easy for them to acknowledge the text. Furthermore, appropriate white space enables the reader to go from 1 word to another without difficulty. However, too much spacing can also have a destructive impact on the design, so avoid overusing the white spacing.


5. Learn the Basics

Even, you have been doing graphic designing for so long, yet if you are not aware of its basics, you will end up making many mistakes that will result in lousy Typography. It might sound odd, yet a design should brace themselves with all the basic concepts typography holds.

Whenever we are about to learn something, we always start from the basics to avoid issues in the future; the same case with Typography. To make the design class apart, the designer should know the Basics of Typography. It can be learned from various Typography books, or you can have in-depth knowledge by experimenting.


6. Look For your Audience

When choosing fonts for your design, you should look for the audience you are targeting. Every font depicts a particular emotion and mood, and once you know your target audience, it will be easy for you to make the selection. You should be aware of the goals and requirements of your audience so that you can act according to them.

It is one of the crucial elements of using fonts effectively in design. If the font you have selected for your website or brand doesn’t fit with the audience, it will create misunderstanding.

Typography: Google Fonts Combinations by Milo Themes, Mihai Baldean and Loredana Papp-Dinea

Typography: Google Fonts Combinations by Milo Themes, Mihai Baldean and Loredana Papp-Dinea



A professional graphic designer won’t take Typography for granted as they know that Typography plays an essential role in the success and failure of a brand. I have enlisted a few essential tips that will help you to choose the fonts effectively for your design. Even if you are a professional in the field, never stop learning as every time you will come across something new which will help you to evolve further.



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