motion design – december 2020 featured image - Blieschow by Christoph SarowPLUS

Awesome Motion Design Inspiration – December 2020

Motion Design – an abbreviation for Motion Graphics Design is the art of using graphic design and putting it motion with the use of visual effects, audio and animation in film making, video production or multimedia presentations. Every month, we will be featuring of the best motion design works done by motion graphics artists from around the world to keep you engaged and inspired.

You can have your motion design works featured in YDJ. We have a growing audience and we’re pretty sure our audience don’t mind giving you some attention and credibility for your piece.


Huawei Tech4All by Ourshack


Al Abd – Eid 2020 by gemini studio


Blue by Manon Sailly

Submitted by Manon Sailly
Hi! My name is Manon Sailly. I grew up in the north of France and my mum is a fairy. When I was growing up, she liked to tell me urban legends around the fireplace during the winter times. Our house was protected by these tales. And everyone inside was carefree and walked on clouds. For me this feeling was magical and a seed was planted. I want to be a storyteller when I grow up. I want to transport people to a dream world.


Blieschow by Christoph SarowPLUS


紅豆餅 RED Life | 動畫設計 Animation design by ChiTang Guo


Animations 2020 – set 01 by Webshocker – Matjaz Valentar


Godzilla: King of The Monsters Studio Logo Animations by Ihsu Yoon


On – Cyclon by Roman Kälin

Submitted by Roman Kälin

On – Cyclon
Cyclon is On’s recyclable running shoe made from beans, engineered for a more sustainable future. We created this shoe from the ground up and worked closely together with the designers and engineers at On to bring this shoe to life. The animation embraces the concept of circularity and recycling of naturally sourced materials.

Direction & Production: Roman Kaelin
Effects & Animation: Roman Kaelin, Florian Baumann
Modeling: Gianluca Ravioli
Surfacing & Lighting: Linus Schneider, Roman Kaelin
Compositing: Roman Kaelin, Pascal Schelbli

Created at PULK

Sound Design: Echoic

Client: On
On Head of Marketing: Alex Griffin
On Creative Lead: Jonatan O. Akay
On Art Director: Dennis-Kyōsuke Ginsig


Human & Dog by Olya Barabakh, Vitalii Nebelskyi and Victoria Suprun


Organise Effortlessly by Reisinger Studio, Facu Labo and Aimar Molero Music & Sound Design


Asian Paints – Enchanted Post Office Studios and Ewa Geruzel


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