ui ux design inspiration december 2020 featured image - Dyson — corporate website by Svyatoslav Kazakovtsev and Anastasiya Krasovskaya
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Amazing UX/UI Design Inspiration – December 2020

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In this freshly squeezed post, we’ve curated the latest UX/UI design collection. Showcasing the best website designs, landing pages, mobile apps, and UI icons.


Sleepiest by Cuberto .


Exploring Doctor Appointment Mobile Apps by Nazma Khatun

Submittted by Nazma Khatun
My name is Nazma Khatun, I’m a professional user interface & user experience designer having  more than 10 years of experiences. I use all my expertise to create unique products that connect brands and companies with their customers. I can assist you with your website, web/desktop apps and mobile apps design!


Interface, tableau de bord, Tesla modèle S by Valentine Avondo-Bedone


Check Category Icons by Martin David


Icon Set for PushPartner by Flo Steinle for PushPartner


Waches E-Commerce by Alina L.


Matchen – Premium Upcycled Furniture Brand by Kara Vicca

Mobile app UI design (in pastel green, brown and blue) for Matchen – Premium Upcycled Furniture Brand by Kara Vicca

Submitted by Kara Vicca
Beautifully handcrafted furniture, that’s ethical.

Matchen believes that hand sourced furniture shouldn’t be mass produced. By combining independent and qualified crafters with an online marketplace. Matchen has created the first digital only upcycled furniture collection.

Matchen required a bespoke digital platform and memorable brand identity to communicate the brand’s core philosophy. The output involved a dynamic brand mark designed to connect the elements involved in the Matchen furniture journey, the crafter and the user. The digital platform centered on a minimalist approach to allow for the furniture to be the main focus while still allowing ease of use for the user.


Pemberton Estate branding & web design by Kevin Li


POW by Clément Pavageau

Olie App by Filipe Cardoso, Alexandre Neto and Ideation Collective


Dyson — corporate website by Svyatoslav Kazakovtsev and Anastasiya Krasovskaya


Cmd Icon Set by Max Iskra


Pink Icon Set by Erşad Başbağ


Fruit App by Manoj Dalvadi for MindInventory


Music app UI case by 𝖕𝖍𝖆𝖕 🐰 for isavelev


Recipe App Home Screen & Recipe Details by Igor Savelev


Countries by Mark Maynard




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