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Rebel With A Cause Brought Out The Best In Artist Fiona Couturier

Many people regarded Fiona’s work as weird, disturbing and creepy. But being the odd one out gave her the opportunity to fully express herself through the arts and explore her curiosity.

Fiona Couturier is a multi-talented artist who creates cute, quirky, odd and fun paper collages, stuffed animals, embroidery, mosaic, figurine paintings and creepy art. She currently works as a video editor for animated TV shows in France.


Humble beginnings

At a very young age, Fiona did pottery and started painting on stones. Her parents were convinced that art will become part of her life. But in her teens, she spent most of her past times playing video games, reading comics and regarded herself a geek. Art wasn’t her favourite hobby then. Somehow, paper collages was the one thing she still finds most fitting for her. While going back to doing paper collages Fiona also started exploring other forms of art and techniques.

“I realized they were all fitting me and you don’t need to be very good at something. I just love to do it, and got inspired and I never stopped since,” she said.

Inspiration is everywhere!

She finds inspiration mostly from books and magazines. At times, she also finds inspiration through observations of her surroundings, environment and even spoken words! All of them would trigger a vision or an idea for her and when that happens, everything would fall into place. From paper collages, art installations, embroidery, and her plush monsters, Fiona is proud of her creations because it helps her grow as an artist.


“I fear the of lack of inspiration. I have the chance to be multi-talented as you say… so it helps because if I don’t feel like doing something, I can try something else. But forcing  never bring anything good (for me… sometimes people don’t see it like me). The trick is to challenge yourself,” she said.


Fiona’s aspirations

She hopes to see her art would touch people’s lives and in great capacity. Also, curious to know how they would react to them. Her plans for the future is to have her work featured in major magazines like Hey!, Juxtapoz, hi fructose as well as in major art exhibitions.

“Art and design…. they bring every day some light in people’s lives without them noticing sometimes.”

Her work may be the subject of critics but she knows her strength and is cultivating it. You will not see a stagnant artist in Fiona Couturier. She stays humble and true to her vision and is committed to her craft.

The one thing that Fiona has taught me is that there’s nothing wrong with being a misfit. The sum of your life experience and personality is what makes you unique. Nobody can ever take that away from you.

View more of Fiona’s work and connect with her on Instagram: the_pieuvre



Fiona Couturier – drawing by Neil Googe




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