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Creative Art & Illustration Inspiration – October 2020

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In this monthly collection, we are featuring some of the best illustrations, digital art, sketches, doodles and paintings from around the world. We hope that you will be inspired and will go on to create your own unique artwork and in turn, inspire others.

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Untitled works by Dipti Pandey

Submitted by Dipti Pandey
This works are about urban space and thought. Thousands of people migrate to metropolitan cities like Mumbai for their survival.  I have seen labor workers give their whole heart and energy to built somebody’s dream home whereas he/she can’t fulfill their basic needs. While working for someone’s dream the migrant who often has to work as construction workers must be going through a lot of emotional turmoil, but he/she has to choose practicality. The lines represent the unending thought of these dream makers and the square or rectangle forms are the dream homes.


Acrylic Painting by Nisha Thakur

Submitted by Nisha Thakur
From Painting to Positivity
The coronavirus lockdown has restricted all of us inside our homes. With hours of free time at hand, people are unleashing their creative sides and working on everything they wanted a vacation for. I preferred to take out my canvas & release my stress through brush strokes.

I am self-taught artist with no formal training taken. With thousands of tutorials available in YouTube/Pinterest/Insta , I started to carefully learn them, and this has now become my regular art exercise. I Believe, in these times of social distancing, art is bringing us closer. “In these times, art is even more relevant. Beautiful and meaningful art is a treat to see and a window into another person’s mind.

It is a big compliment to me when my Family/Friends/well-wishers acknowledges ‘I see you, I see your work, I glimpse your thoughts. (Big thanks to all my Critics too; helped me fine tune my work). Please continue to shower your best wishes always!!

In the End I would like to say that there are many among us who have the desire to learn art but hesitate because they fear they have no talent. Let me clearly say there is more hard work involved than only talent. So pick up your colors, for it’s never too late!


Mandala art by Nancy Kapoor

Submitted by Nancy Kapoor


Demon by Cherng Yong

Submitted by Cherng Yong


DM sketching by Dania Ijaz

Submitted by Dania Ijaz
Hello everyone!!
Hope everyone is going good 🙂 I’m a self-taught Artist. Striving everyday to get better:) I have a YouTube channel on which I uploaded different kind of videos regarding drawings. These r some of the drawings I published 🙂
If u like it plz do follow my YouTube channel “DM sketching”on instagram:@dmsketching19
Till goodbye and take care 🙂


Home by NesJoy

Submitted by NesJoy
At present, all works are created in my home where my family and I live. So my family & house are indispensable and very important for this project. A few years ago, because there is no record, so I’m not remember which year. By chance, I found a completely blank book in the bookcase at home. After that, I became interested in creation, and bought a box of 12-color Japanese zebra markers near my home. Then I created some simpler line patterns, characters, numbers, etc. Because I have no inspiration so I stop create long time.

By March 2020, I started to work hard to create 50 works from the beginning to the end in 6 months. During the creation, I found another completely blank book. Then I used another style to create the current 58 works mainly in abstract style. I completed these 58 works in only 8 days. If you study carefully, I believe you will find that there are two styles: the 50 works of former is very delicate and the 58 works of latter is very rough, so the result is this. The name “Nesjoy” means “patient joy”. I converted “nes” to Chinese in the google translator. The result is the i listen sound of same as patience. Then I did not hesitate to decide to use this name. The value represented by the name is “work patiently and get joy”. I think this idea is very cute and suitable for me.

Thank you for your patience to read. 
Good day, Nesjoy


Philippine Griffin by Giezelle Bernal

Submitted by Giezelle Bernal
I’ve seen many birds that represents each nations such as the eagle from the U.S or a robin from the U.K. But I believe the Filipino birds are a lot more majestic and beautiful than any other national birds I’ve encountered (so far.) The image here was meant to be proud of my heritage, so I created a mythological version of it to show how much I admire my relatives from the Philippines, despite how impoverish the nation is….Please respect our country 🙂


Eco-Art : abstract symbolism by Mika Fanzutti

Submitted by Mika Fanzutti
I am Mika Fanzutti aka Eco, a 26 y.o french artist from Lille. Sciences lover and spiritual mind, I get my inspiration around me. My curiosity leads me to study some different subjects as science ( biology ecology), journalism, psychology, criminology and so more.

I briefly studied too , in a double cursus, In Art´s History and Archeology. I was for the first time discovering Art in a deeper level, But I was disappointed by the educational system. I get bored about the way I was living my life, so i decided to take a year off, to travel and discover the world.

From Thailand to Turkey passing by, Spain, England, Croatia, Greece and so more, It bright to light more than I was expected. Through the discovery of différent culture, language and art. I was gagged by the colourful world. Through Temples of Asia , mosques of Maghreb or European church I found a new dimension of art. My year off became four years of travelling across the globe. During my years off, I attempted to found a way to express myself. A cathartic activity, a catalytic converter. Curious of everything, I tried a lots of différents art technics, music ( didgeridoo and beatbox), photography, drawings, and one day, while reading a article about Art therapy, I finally found the perfect approach, Paint. Paint give me the opportunity to link my values, my beliefs and reduce my anxiety. And thanks to this amazing trip and to introspective way if found my real passion, science, and it lead me to my last trip, Canada, Montreal. Studying there was the best thing to my inspiration.

I found my artsy way, amazed by the Colors of leaves during autumn or the bright white in winter, i realised the wonderful chromatic palette of nature. Now back in my native town, Lille, I give myself the role to convey the wonder of science, nature and spirituality. Immediately, I started researching on the different artistic movements, and I remember that during my studies in art history, I learned a lots on the French movement, Symbolism. I liked the idea of what you see pass a message, and give to your piece of art another dimension. I am a huge fan of folklore and mythology; the cursus on Archeology give me the occasion to Learn more about Greek, Egyptian, northern or Japanese myth which always fascinating me. wars and love relationship are the story of human lives . The interactions between the gods and human are a very good way to interpreting the human psyche through the ages. It can be something for my work at least a point to begin with. I lived my life on a simple mantra : life is chaos and everything is hazardous, here, there is a other characteristic than I want to include in my art. So I turn my interest through abstract art, and precisely Pouring and dripping. In that movement, randomness curves and waves of colours create a power, where energy transcends the canvas. So there is my concept, I want to create something abstract with a symbol. I never fits on Academicism and I’ve got a big problem with the French education system. And With that two technics combined, I can use a means of expression, a way to express my opinions, a political ( ecology) or spiritual commitment.

My view is in conflict with the business of art. I am against mass consumerism and manufacturing, so every of my creation are unique. I want to create a parallel between the complexity of thinking and its uniqueness. Thoughts can be chaotic, but it always come with a message, a real message of what you want or need. So using Abstract art represents the chaos of the humane world, full of energy, and the Symbolism, represent the hidden message you found inside of you. A realistic message on a unrealistic background.


eccentric8-arts by Scott Allen


A Rose
Submitted by Scott Allen




‘The Mask’ by Tiko Kartskhia

Submitted by Tiko Kartskhia
Hi, I’m a digital artist from Georgia. My biggest inspirations come from dreams, music and photography. The characters in my digital paintings are portrayed in different surreal environments, projecting diverse psychological conditions and states of mind.


Romantico by Jennifer Alm

Submitted by Jennifer Alm
My name is Jennifer Alm, I am self taught, 20 years old and am currently living in Norway. I am passionate about life’s beauties. The things that might not make us survive physically, but that makes us feel alive in every other way possible. The merging colors of art, melancholic melodies and stories told by eyes drawn of ink on paper gives me joy. I am in love with the thought of inspiring others and making others feel what my art can make them feel, whatever that might be, I am in awe of it. Hope you like some of my pieces, and feel free to contact me for a chat, cooperation or a wish of art piece, all the best, Jennifer Alm.


Glad Konst // Svenska Växter Collections 2020 by MARIA GARCIA

American Soldier

Grünen Lampe






Kings & Queens


Die blaue Reiter
Submitted by Maria Garcia


Margins and Marginalisation-The Modern Muse by Rhoda Fisher

Submitted by Rhoda Fisher

Margins and Marginalisation-The Modern Muse
“I’ve sat listening at the feet of enough Black women to know they all deserve to tell their own stories. But here we are, mourning.” – Darnell Lamont Walker

For the last two years, I have discussed the importance of representation of Black in British/International art and specialising in the role of Black women. I explore the subject of the marginalised Black woman lost and sometimes erased from history and the representation of Black female artists.

Prompted to delve into the importance of Black in British art during my annual trip to the TATE Britain, I witnessed the marginalisation of Black in British art in the exhibition, All too Human: Bacon, Freud and a century of painting life. In the concluding room of the collection were two paintings by the Black British artist, Lynette Yiadom- Boakye. One female artist out of 22 artists, equivalent to 4%. 

Why are Black women marginalised and underrepresented in the art world both as the muse and the artist?

In the recent online exhibition WOM collective ‘Honouring Black Heroines,’ the group of 25 artists from around the world used the work impact that the Black woman has made in society as an inspiration for this exhibition to address this question.

In my work, I look to create a multilayered response to the representation of Black British women, exploring the subject of The Modern Muse and the crucial role of Black women in shaping the course of world history.

In my final submission for my MFA, I explored the stories of numerous prominent Black women whose stories could easily be lost or erased. In my studies, I include other Black British women who made a significant contribution to society here in the UK. Women such as Norma Best, Claudia Jones, Mary Seacole, Dame Lawrence, Fanny Eaton and several more.


Christian Barthold | Generation Greta by Christian Barthold Collage


The Forest as a Dream (2019) by Sara Riaz Khan

Submittted by Sara Riaz Khan
The natural world has always provided me with creative and emotional sustenance. At some point I knew my love of reading and painting would dovetail and in 2019 they did! Inspired by the book, ‘Gossip from the Forest’, which explored connections between fairytales and forests (Maitland, 2013) I started thinking about the the forest as a universal platform for magic, transformation, freedom and potential, and its duality as a place of refuge or exile, fear or hope. 

For many of us, in our childhood stories the forest or jungle plays a vital role. For this exhibition I wanted to share my way of connecting to nature with the viewer. Four distinct stages came to mind; the initial paintings would focus on ‘Approaching the Forest’ as a mysterious and unknown space while the second stage, ‘Inhale/Exhale’ would explore a coming alive of the senses. The third stage would be an ‘Immersion’ in the experience which would lead to the final one of ‘Being ’the forest.  

During the process, I considered what the forest – as a place of solitude and introspection – could offer. Thinking of ways in which I could navigate this imaginary space gave me an opportunity to reflect on my work practice and goals. By wanting to connect the viewer to their environment, I inadvertently found a way to empower myself. I came to the conclusion that it was in my hands to either be my stepping stone or my stumbling block. Comparing the first and the last paintings, I feel there has been a sense of discovery and of taking away a camouflage, while peering through the foliage, I found myself.

The diversity of the final series was surprising. The four distinct stages required different ways of working; at times I needed to use more glazes and transparency, at others more texture and movement. I found the process of hiding and revealing layers more essential for the ‘Immersion’ paintings, as I started breaking down the composition, while the ‘Being’ ones required a more dynamic application of paint. Trying to engage the viewer through the paintings using elements such as texture, colour, shape, light and contrast, I realised that these are some of the ways in which we naturally make visual sense of our world.  

Whether we know the forest from our dreams or nightmares, its stories have had a part in making us who we are today. It is worth considering especially now, that If we lose our forests, we may lose ourselves.


Red knight by Victor Sukhochev


Art and Jewelry Designs by Kristina Tran

Submitted by Kristina Tran
I am a Jewelry Designer, Artist, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer living in Minnesota, USA. I love lots of color, abstract shapes, mixing medias, and making unique one-of-a-kind art. I get joy from working and creating with my hands, its good for the soul and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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