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Meet AR Annahita, Artist Who Finds Balance in Art, Photography and Philosophy

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AR Annahita is an artist and photographer who have made the most of her humble beginnings to become an accomplished artist, now based in the US.

She also shares her experience of finding balance through Philosophy. In her book Followed my Star, she explains how the Universe and the world around us works. The possibilities of creating a more balanced and peaceful world, lies within all of us.

I enjoyed my online conversation with her and am now intrigued to learn about her passion and background. She has a flair with nature photography and painting. She also never neglects spending time to keep her life in balance.


Can you tell us something about yourself?

I’m no one special. I might just be willing to express myself in artistic ways because that’s who I am. I was a refugee from Iran to Germany when I was five years old. Grew up in Germany and came to the USA when I was 24 years of age.


When did your interest in paintings and art started?

I was around eight years old when I started painting and writing. Both my writings and paintings made it into the school newspaper and I felt very supported by my family and surrounding to pursue the arts more, but my interest in Art was big, because I lived in Germany and Art from history and other time periods were surrounding me. Still to this day I’m just fascinated by Art.

You’re also the Author of Followed my Star (Vol. 1 -3), what drew you to write the book?

It started around age 14 when I had my struggles in life with who I am and I just simply wasn’t an average teenager. I became very interested in Philosophy and that took me to where I am today at age 38 with being the Author of philosophy books about the balance in our life’s.

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Where do you usually find your inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere to find. I tune into it when I’m in harmony, bliss or love. I see it mostly in nature and it is very fascinating to me how nature shows itself to me in every moment. It is beautiful in every drop and mountain of it.


Which art piece or work you did, that you are most proud of and why?

Title: Power Wave, Photography I’m most proud of because I shot it in the exact right timing and it can never be redone again. I felt very inspired throughout my journey in arts to keep going with it because of that image.

How do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Hopefully quite satisfied and accomplished in life and arts. I have many ideas roaming in my head-space yet to be explored. I have for example animation ideas, restructuring of society systems ideas, and would love to explore our world as much as possible.

The world is our oyster and the opportunities are truly endless.


Any advice for creatives starting out?

I suggest to not get discouraged by comparing yourself to other artists. I kept focusing on myself and develop my unique way of doing things first.

We all have our unique way of art and expressing ourselves like our fingerprints. If I kept looking right and left that is just discouraging in some ways.

I believe in finding yourself in art first and becoming steady before comparing yourself, but by that time you don’t compare yourself anymore, you just get inspired, find your community and joy in it. It is important to always keep it fun.

To learn more about AR Annahita’s works, connect with her on Instagram and Twitter. Her book Followed my Star (vol. 1-3) is now available on Amazon.



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