watercolour paintings by mona frey

Creative Art & Illustration Inspiration – August 2020

In this monthly collection, we are featuring some of the latest illustrations, digital art, sketches acryllic and watercolour paintings by Stigy Hanrahan, Sarah Plasencia, Mona Frey and many more. Check them out as follows.


Awake at night by Felix Mario Azcuy Reinoso

Submitted by Felix Mario Azcuy Reinosi
I am Felix a design student, I live in Cuba a small Caribbean island, I have been a lover of drawing since I was very young, and today as a designer I have been very attracted to the world of illustration and poster especially covering a variety of topics in my works.

This illustration is inspired by the nightlife that creators like us normally have, where we stay awake all night working, always with the help of a good coffee, you can see the lighthouse of the nose icon of Cuba the possible works throughout the night and the coffee pot that is the source of coffee, hinting in this way at these nights of work.


Illustration by sunraart sunrafj Fara

Submitted by sunrafj Fara
Hello, dear readers!!! I’m Farah Dzhurayev, I work as a freelancer. I work in several directions: artist, illustrator, digital illustrator and graphic designer. Since I was little, as long as I can remember, a pencil was always with me). In 2007, I graduated from the art school. I work in different styles: Watercolor – Art Grange, vector illustration, digital illustration, 3d-2d illustrations.


Stigy’s Art by Stigy Hanrahan

Submitted by Stigy Hanrahan
My name is Michael (Stigy) a I’m disabled abstract artist from Twickenham. I attended an art and design access course at a West London college, This is where my passion for art was realised. The course included sculpture, photography and computer design, but I found that when I painted I could express myself for the first time without limitations.

I have since started my own business and designed and built this website to sell my pieces. I have also shown work in local galleries and exhibitions. My ambition is to one day exhibit in a prestigious gallery like The Tate Modern (hey, I can dream, can’t I?). I use few techniques, due to my disability, to create my pieces. I have an adapted helmet which I can attach my brushes and I bang it on a plank of wood to create my Jackson Pollock style. For more clean images I have an assistant place either tape or stencils on the canvas. My first three pieces were painted on dust sheets attached to wooden frames, as I have developed far better control and understanding of my tools I now create my artwork on much smaller canvas frames.

Originally, I was not able to translate the image in my head to the canvas. I would have to apply many layers of paint until I had achieved what I wanted. When looking back at my older work, I realised that this technique gave my work depth and a more vivid appearance. This has now become my current technique layering light over dark and vice versa.

My inspiration is drawn from my experiences and emotions, I find if I try to paint from a visual memory the process is forced and the results false and not true to me. For my pieces on the physical world, I will go out and take lots of photographs of my subject and upload the images onto a computer. From these images I will pick out distinctive shapes and colours and apply these to canvas.


Ramona Fine Art by Ramona Demian

Submitted by Ramona Demian
Hi Everybody, A day not drawn is a day lost. At least that is how I feel it. In 2017 in started drawing and did not stop anymore! I draw almost every day and love it.Creating something on paper, making somebody happy with a creation. It just feels right.

Surf to my FB, Twitter or Instagram to see more of my work. If you are interested, please contact me there. And not to forget, thanks so much for this platform! It’s amazing!



Illustration by Atiya Khan

Submitted by Atiya Khan


Sarah Plasencia art by Sarah Plasencia

african art by sarah plasencia

Submitted  by Sarah Plasencia
Art should not be put in a box, i am not in a box, life has variables, is interchangeable and ever changing.  My art reflects this as it is without restriction. I paint or draw what I want, when I want, and in what style I want, whether it is with water colour, acrylics, oils or pencils, whether it is fine art, landscapes, nudes, pets, line art or abstract. There are no rules or boundaries.


InspiredArt by Christopher Froese

Submitted by Christopher Froese


Antonio Petit – 3D Works by Antonio Petit

Submitted by Antonio Petit
3d Character Designer for illustration.


Children’s book illustrations by Alyssa De Asis

Submitted by Alyssa De Asis
Hi! I’m Alyssa, a designer and illustrator from the Philippines. Working digitally, I like to create vibrant, light-hearted and whimsical illustrations specializing on children’s books.


The Galmer Jewelry Collection by Michael Izrael Galmer

Submitted by Michael Izrael Galmer
Michael Izrael Galmer is a silver sculptor who has been creating works of silver & gold since immigrating with his family to the US from the former Soviet Union in 1981. Having obtained a degree in engineering and a doctorate in physics & chemistry from Moscow University, in the US he chose to pursue his creative interests. He experimented and improved upon the classic style of repoussé by perfecting his skills and inventing creative and unique alternatives to silver making. His  extraordinary talent was swiftly discovered by elite connoisseurs; Tiffany & Co. Lenox Company soon followed, as did Gorham, Kirk Stieff, and numerous retailers nationwide. Ultimately, arts and Jewish museums, as well as historical societies began to recognize the unique contemporary talent of the silversmith as well. Today, Galmer’s works have been on display at numerous exhibits in America and are now on permanent collection at John Hopkins University’s Evergreen Museum & Library, Cooper Hewitt of the Smithsonian Museum of Design, Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Newark Museum and the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center NY. Now his jewelry items are available for sale.


Fluid Art by Joshua M. Isbell

Submitted by Joshua M. Isbell
Joshua M. Isbell aka The Art Father pours his heart out regardless of where he’s at. As long as he has access to the required supplies then he will pour anywhere he can. Joshua dreams to have his own stationery studio where he can create and pour his heart out in his own oasis.


Be with you by Daryl Lee J.Y

Submitted by Daryl Lee J.Y
Music poster design
Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
I love the song and was mostly inspired by BoA’s (The legendary Queen of J-pop & K-pop) Japanese single ‘Be with you’ which is the soundtrack of the Japanese movie ’10 Promises to my Dog’.


Isang Kahig Isang Tula | Postcard Illustrations by Marvin Medios

Submitted by Marvin Medios
For the launch of Isang Kahig Isang Tula by Alberto Eduardo Alejo, SJ, I was one of the 10 students recruited to create original illustrations inspired by the poetry in his book. These illustrations would be printed as postcards which would then be sold at the book’s launch. [Disclaimer: Only my illustration for “Lihim” was included in the set of postcards sold at the launch].

To me, art and design have always been ways to connect with others, and these things have been present all throughout my life — from making cards for loved ones on special occasions, bonding over mindless doodling and coloring, and even now as I pursue my college degree. Through these experiences, I’ve continuously grown exposed to art and design, and I’ve come to learn just how much more powerful art and design can be. While I’ve always had a fondness for the intimate connections art could help foster, it was learning how art and design could be used to effect bigger changes through meaningful interventions that furthered that love I felt for the practice and craft.


Badgers Art (UK) by Barrie Etter

Submitted by Barrie Etter


Paradisus terra by Shkurte Ramushi

Submitted by Shkurte Ramushi
Shkurte Ramushi  born in Verban of Vitia, Kosovo. Now I lives, works and creates in Prishtina, Kosovo.
“My’work presents an understanding of the fleeting nature of life, love and exploration in a creative aspect as well as that of our world itself.

The breathtaking expressionistic nature of my  artwork especially ‘mushroom kingdom’ is rather gripping. My favorite technique is oil. And my main inspiration is nature, society and the human soul itself. My paradise talks for inner energy and micro world of nature. I call my artworks “mushrooms kingdom”. These quarantine days and pandemic world, talks about the search for freedom and artistic creation. The quarantine has once again reminded us of existence and humanism.

My list of personal and collective exhibitons and art show is very large. I was part of more than 80 collective art exhibition international and national. Lately my artwork was published at Artsy, Your art buttler, art jobs. Next art project is a personal art show at Art Gallery of Tetova, at North Macedonia.

I completed  BACHELOR (2014) and MASTER (2016) studies at University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, a branch of figurative art, painting direction. Currently work at Kadri Zeka Public University, Faculty of Education 2017/2020 and has been engaged in the Faculty of Arts, UP, a fellow in Painting I, II, III and IV for the academic year 2018/2019.”


Pencil sketches by Tushar Deshpande

Submitted by Tushar Deshpande


iPad Portrait Illustrations by Tariq Singleton

Submitted by Tariq Singleton
Portrait illustrations created entirely on the iPad Pro using Adobe Fresco.
I’m Tariq, a London based freelance illustrator. My recent work includes bespoke portrait commissions for private clients produced as Giclée prints, and studio experience working on film poster and DVD/Blu-ray cover designs for the UK and USA.

My style is influenced by traditional airbrush illustration, classic film poster artists and a lifelong passion for film and science fiction. Originally from Yorkshire, I moved to London after completing a BA in Illustration & Animation.

I’ve been drawing and painting since childhood but started my career late after spending my 20s as a full-time carer and overcoming my own issues with mental health. I also work for the NHS by day and it’s been great making a positive contribution during recent events.

Please get in touch if you are looking for an illustrator for your next project or interested in a private commission.


in the celestial realms by Neslihan Elif Bingöl

Submitted by Neslihan Elif Bingöl
Ever since I knew how to hold a pen, I’ve been drawing. And ever since I knew myself, I felt a deep connection with the moon, the stars and the universe so this may be why these celestial beings build the centerpiece to most of my illustrations. Illustrating is the most effective form of storytelling for me and being able to pour it down in colours, forms and lines is an act of magic itself. Art has therefore always been something that gave me energy, kept me alive and gave me a purpose. It makes me realise why I’m here or why I am the way I am. I sincerely hope that my art can give the same healing energy back to people as the process of creating it gives to me.


Digital Portrait by Ahlam Amr

Submitted by Ahlam Amr
Hello! I draw since I can remember and art was always in my life especially that my mother is an artist since I was young we would go to museums together and as time went by my passion for art grew.


The Touch Of Midas by Aman Choudhury

Submitted by Aman Choudhury
The Touch Of Midas is a celebration of gold and art in it’s purest form. Grunge lines, rustic cuts with baroque influence, this artistic furniture collection adds gravitas to any space. Born out of creative collaboration between art and design, Touch of Midas dictates tales of finesse with its raw, pure and natural character.


Michelle Marsia art by Michelle Berry

Submitted by Michelle Berry
Hi, thank you for viewing my art work. Painting is just what I love to do and am excited to continue to create.


Mona Frey Art by Mona Frey

Submitted  by Mona Frey
Mona Frey was born in Bareilly, a city near the foothills of the Himalayas in North India. While Mona admired art growing up, it wasn’t until her early thirties that her casual appreciation turned into absolute fascination. Her journey into the world of painting began with an adventure.

In January 2014, Mona and her husband Paul, quit their jobs to explore the world. One of the first countries they visited was the UK, and it was in London’s National Gallery that Mona discovered the pure joy of viewing a beautiful painting. As she stood in awe of masterpieces on display, Mona was transported to a fabulous world that she never knew existed. She made a promise to herself to visit the art museums of every country she traveled to.

37 countries later, while in Mexico, Mona visited Frida Kahlo’s Museum (also called the Blue House) in Mexico City. Mona’s eureka moment came in Frida’s Blue House as she began to discover the passionate links between Frida, her autobiographical and surrealist art style, her motivations and lifelong pain, and her lovely house. Mona realized that she
was meant to paint and decided to begin painting as soon as she returned home to Pennsylvania in the US.

Mona’s formal art journey began at the Art Association of Harrisburg in Pennsylvania. She thoroughly enjoyed every class she participated in and began to mature as an artist. As time went by, Mona realized that watercolor was her preferred medium of painting and she began experimenting with various watercolor techniques. Encouraged by the progress
she was making; Mona became a member of Pennsylvania Watercolor Society and the American Watercolor Society.

The fact that watercolor is not a medium that can be totally controlled, according to her, is the very beauty of its quality. She believes that no other medium creates the captivating bleeds that watercolor does. Above all, the accessibility of watercolor – that she can always maintain a ready to use palette, allowing her to paint anytime and for as long as she wishes, with minimum preparation, cleaning up, or wasted paint – is one of the many reasons Mona moved to watercolors.

Mona Frey is inspired by the idea that the arts can be an important instrument to make the world a better and a more beautiful place, where talent and skill can be used in the service of those in need. She is deeply affected by the need at local food banks and donates a portion of sales from her paintings to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

Mona has helped in giving through non-profits since her childhood. In 2014 she helped raise funds through the non-profit program, Chess Without Borders in Chicago. The program uses chess as a vehicle to raise funds for local and global charities. Chess Without Borders has donated over $180,000 to a wide range of charities since its inception. In recognition of her contribution, Mona received the ‘US Presidential Award’ for volunteer service.

On September 19, 2020, Mona will be participating in the Greenlight Operation Arts Festival. This annual art festival hosted in Camp Hill, PA, by Greenlight Operation, raises awareness and support for anti-human trafficking efforts. For every piece of art sold, a percentage of the proceeds will go towards the purchase of the first restoration home for trafficked survivors in Cumberland County.

Mona Frey moved to the US from London in February 2019. She lives with her husband Paul Frey in Camp Hill, PA. Mona Frey’s birth name is Maninder Kaur Juneja, she is called Mona Frey in the art world.


Will the trees still remember us by Sheridan

Submitted by Sheridan
The current climate crisis is looming and it seems unstoppable. It’s sad for our future. I thought about would we remember the trees, and realised would we be here for the trees to remember us. The jungle will grow over our decay and The ghostly figures play.  I hope this is a poignant message that we need to look after our beautiful planet. It’s us that needs her more.


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