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Animated GIFs Inspiration – August 2020

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We share with you some amazing animated GIFs created by animators and motion designers we found on Dribbble, Behance and else where on the Web for your inspiration. So we hope you enjoy this article.

You can also feature your animation works on the blog. Feel free to submit your best piece here. If it’s one of a kind, you’ll be making headlines on YDJ!


COLLECTION 2019 by Stefano Colferai


Oh! I feel the Cosmos! So Yummy! by Ben Gregoire


Lazy Walkcycle by Ben Gregoire

Lazy Walkcycle cartoon redshift3d fabric cloth man walkcycle walk bounce cinema4d 3d loop c4d


Vase & Fruit – Draft by Latham Arnott

Vase & Fruit - Draft animation 2d disintegrate transition data pear apple fruit vase



Gifs by Marek Mundok

Submitted by Marek Mundok
Marek Mundok is an animator and illustrator based in Slovakia. His work combines traditional animation techniques and Adobe. Many of his personal projects are inspired by skateboarding culture and punk-rock music.


Skateboarder by Fraser Davidson


2021 by Markus Magnusson


Data Effectiveness by Konstantinos Pappas, Michael Toumazou and Isobar Greece

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