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Creative Art & Illustration Inspiration – July 2020

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In this monthly collection, we are featuring some of the best illustrations, digital art, sketches, doodles and paintings from around the world. Check out our featured artists in this blog post.


portrait drew in two hours by

Submitted by


Chiaki Nanami by Leo Furnas

Submitted by Leo Furnas
Chiaki Nanami Is a game character from Danganrompa v2, and she is one of my favorite characters. She is the ultimate gamer.


Forgotten Pier by Joe Vivirito


Landscape Paintings by Clare Law

Submitted by Clare Law
Clare Law is an artist passionate about the landscape around her. She works from her studio in the heart of the beautiful Tamar Valley in Cornwall, UK. Having been inspired by the richness of Impressionism throughout her life, her sculptural creative process involves a method of working using oils with only a small painting knife.

The importance of texture has been unconditional, a conscious response to the physicality of the subject matter. The tonal values and light are beautifully observed and represented in the peaks and valleys of the oils

Her eye for detail enables Clare to fully explore and work with the complexity of light, colour and texture. In particular she is drawn to rich vegetation and scenes of water where the intricacy of all three values can be fully explored. Through this method she is able to create beautiful vistas which celebrate nature. Her delight at the natural world is tangible and drives her need to embrace those perfect moments to be shared.

Each painting is created over many weeks, from the moment on site when the composition is considered and captured, to the slow layering of thick luxurious oils.


Gotham City by Thomas Dubois


{{ Ballpoint pen quick Illustrations }} by Roma Au


Real toons by Mohamed Halawany


Portrait by Rita Petrenko



Submitted by Fred Odle
Hi, I’m a full time creative living in the Caribbean on a lil island called Barbados, my workshop is multi-faceted with me moving from one project to the next, every day is a different journey in creativity. I have a personal slogan it is “Creating is my addiction”, as ideas keep coming for projects which have to be done or stuff I’ll get to , so I keep a lil note book to help organize them. I’ve recently taken up video editing as in my “spare time I mess about with a camcorder i have, so from what I’ve written you can see I like staying in the ‘zone’. What’s constant in my life besides creating, well I like music,….lots of it , with jazz and electronic being my favorite, I dabble a bit in production using an electronic device called a “pocket operator”, lots of fun and a nice distraction from creating visually.


Food and labels by Kaylin Spark

Submitted by Kaylin Spark


A Dope Illustrator by A Dope Illustrator

Submitted by A Dope Illustrator


10 stupid ideas to kill boredom during quarantine by Renato Klieger

Submitted by Renato Klieger
I am an artist and designer from Brazil who, like everybody else, is also facing the new challenges of living in quarantine. Because so many people shared on social media the good and glamor aspects of the pandemic situation I decided to create an ironic approach on the subject, illustrating these ideas with a cute rendering. Also, I am a big believer that humor is the best way to cope with problems.


Illustrations by Jonathan Harper

Submitted by Jonathan Harper
Hi. I’m a designer and art director based in London. 


Darklinem by Emiliano Mejia Duran

Submitted by Emiliano Mejia Duran
I am a 19 year old boy, living in Mexico City…and I think that the world is too small for the imagination that I have, and I seek to transmit what is inside my mind through paper.


Amore Lento / Slow Love by Lara Ilaria Braconi

Submitted by Lara Ilaria Braconi
I’m looking for a place to fit in, to fit in as human beings, in all our possible shapes and identities.


Disruptive Fine Art by Daniel Brummitt

Submitted by Daniel Brummit


Super power by Armstrong Abdelgafar

Submitted by Armstrong Abdelgafar
Everyone has a super power. You just have to use it.


Phia Boo-dle by Phia Boo

Submitted by Phia Boo
My family name is BOO and I love Doodle. So, I have invented a new name, Boo-dle as my passion and hobby. I am a Boo-dler. I am gifted with sense of art since young, took a liking towards art and creativity comes quite naturally. Coupled with art is my love for music. I started singing at a tender age, first ever public performance was singing with a band at a wedding reception at the age of five.

All my savings from my allowance would go into buying music albums of my favorite artists in the form of cassettes and compact discs. I picked up guitar, self-taught when I was 13. I start to discover my passion in doodling and sketching when I was 7 and asked that my parents enroll me to art classes when I was 9.

My inspirations are from reflections of life, music, stories around me and through observation or current affairs, topics would span around people, animal, nature, environment and objects. As a child, I’ve had a natural liking towards boy
toys. Dolls never attracted me. My choices in toys were figurines, cars, trucks or pistols. When I play with these toys, my
imagination would run wild creating scenarios in my mind and I will narrate the scenarios, create sound effects bringing the scenes in my imagination to life. Robot has become my all-time favorite. As I grow older, the love of Robot has grown into a passion, I do not view it as a mere, but an imaginary friend. Robots were invented by humans, programmed to serve the humans and with purpose. To me it is similar to us humans, we live a life with purpose, the purpose as programmed in our minds then lead us to live a life we desire. If we program positive in our minds, we reap good outcomes and as you can imagine, the opposite too can happen. The love for robots are transformed into art and tattooed to my arms.

I love doodling funny and cute characters. I have designed and created several robot characters, my favorite is a robot named 2B-Bot. 2B-Bot is a robot inspired by a 2B pencil. He is fat but flexible, he is cute, adorable and is a hero in his own way. In his relaxed mode, his tip will be blunt but when he is in focused mode, his tip will be sharp. He can fly, he can
run at lightning speed. He is friendly when is treat well. He does not hesitate to turn nasty if he is betrayed. His side kick is Rubber-Bot and his sleeping partner is Teddy.


RubyCanvas by Dr. Rubini Arasu

Submitted by Dr. Rubini Arasu
Dentist by day – artist by night with a great passion for art who believes her art speaks of her soul. Colors provide a sense of therapeutic yet inspirational to many. 


Sue Artworks by Selin Su Tütüncü

Submitted by Selin Su Tütüncü
My name is Su but I use ‘Sue’ like a nickname as an artist. I am 20 years old and an architecture student in Turkey. I am interested into arts for a very long time. My mother was singing, dancing, painting almost everyday and she has encouraged me to make art with her. I always knew there was a part of me that needs to find its own way in arts and evolve about it. I’ve tried to educate myself and find my own path for a long time. Almost a year ago, I’ve met with the ‘collage art’ and first time ever I felt like “This is it! This shows who I am more than anything else.” Then, 7 months ago from now, I started doing my first collage projects and I’ve changed my style over and over again until I found what tells my story the best. I’ve started doing some illustrations and I did mix them with my collage skills. Finally, golden creation was born. I put a story of mine on every project I’ve made. Every tears, every happiness, every piece of strength and every broken part, every little details on my projects; are reflections of my soul. Also, they are a reflection of life itself with different sides of it. I want people to gain a different perspective, I want them to experience something new and original through my art, to feel something strong, to question the stories behind the projects. I hope that they can see their own stories and their own reflections on the projects, too. I am so passionate about what I do and finally feel like I have found where I belong in the universe. I’m planning to open an art gallery and a t-shirt store in a couple years. I would appreciate any kind of support.


Jordan Kroeger Comic Art by Jordan Kroeger

Submitted by Jordan Kroeger


NHS Portrait Series by Amy Jackson

Submitted by Amy Jackson
I’m a welsh illustrator, currently based in Swansea. I specialise in a dotwork style of drawing, using a fineliner I build texture and depth, dot by dot. I love creating illustrations that convey a message or a cause, whether its a social or environmental issue. I’m currently working on a new portrait series inspired by current events, aiming to elevate our hard working NHS staff. My most recent portrait of Charlotte, consists of thousands of dots, which took over 200 hours to complete. Charlotte is a critical care ODP, working at Northampton General Hospital.


Phobophobia by Luqman Ashaari

Submitted by Luqman Ashaari
Is it ever possible that your artwork can become too personal for you to the point where it starts to hurt to see it? Is it possible to become uncomfortable with your own art? When I’m hurt, slighted, or disappointed, I choose to embrace my pain and use it to fuel to creative impulses. I have a side of me that I want to express without having to put words in my mouth. I use my art as a medium for others to look at a certain objects or subject from a creepy perspective. I have created plenty of these creepy artwork which involves a mannequin. However, I would say that the main highlight would be the video that has human fingers crawling out of mannequin’s eyes. I am proud to say this visual has received good plaudits from designer around the world. I use art to contort realities, alter perspectives and ultimately, discomfort you.


Abstract Expressionist Artwork by DARKRECONSTRUCTION

DARKRECONSTRUCTION is an abstract expressionist painter from Queens, NY. Their art is done on canvas and on recycled/reclaimed materials, using acrylic paint, watercolors, markers, gold leaf, and the like. They create elaborate artwork inspired by textures and colors found in nature.  


Watercolor expressionism portrait by Tasnim Rawashdeh

Submitted by Tasnim Rawashdeh
Tess Azalea was born in Muscat, Oman, in 1989. Her paintings operate on the principle of expressing sensational renderings that evoke human experience beyond words in the form of pictures. She is drawn to generate a recall of motion, direction, and energy through fluidity and transience of materials. Figures and abstract compositions appear to be blended, deepened, and freshened, which allows it to connect to viewers with its earthly reality, finding meaning in our lives and revealing their true emotions.


 AR Annahita


Submitted by AR Annahita
Author/Philosophy, Artist and Photographer. Change the world one step at the time. Plant the seeds, make it grow.


Cherry tree pattern by Isabella Bassi

Submitted by Isabella Bassi
This pattern began as a cherry blossom hand-drawn in different positions. I painted it in Photoshop and assembled the patterns.


Deeps drawing by Deepika Kundal

Submitted by Deeps Drawing
I’m professionally a dentist and a art is my hobby.Now doing commissioned works too.


Illustrations By NatChoupay

Submitted by Nathalie Choupay
Bonjour, I am a self-taught illustrator from France. I especially like to draw feminine art.


comida rancia by Carlos Robertson

Submitted by Carlos Robertson
Esta es una de las pinturas que corresponden a una serie de 15 cuadros, pintados con pintura acrilica sobre papael fabriano, esta seria tiene como titulo “comida rancia” pueden encontrar mas pinturas en mi instagram: @carlos__robertson


Madchester by Charlotte Grieves

Submitted by Charlotte Grieves
I made this illustration relate to standing this artist movement of the late 80’s and some others memories.


Philipp Liehr

Submitted by Philipp Liehr
I was born in a little town in Bavaria Germany called Kitzingen. After a craft training as a dental technician I decided to focus on art. Several years I invested in learning how to draw properly. During this time I worked also in a animation studio and did a lot of freelance projects. In 2012 I did another craft training as a wood carver and combined the skills I learned so far. Now i showcase my art on many art fairs and work together with a few galleries. Here is what the galleries write about me: The artist Philipp Liehr plays in a special way with this current pop-cultural subject as an invitation to consciously become aware of our environment. Observers of his work know the gestures and movements of his wooden sculptures instinctively from their everyday memory and through exaggeration. In his portrayal of these scenes they become humorous. His focus on capturing the insignificant moment leads to a beautiful portrayal of today’s society. So Philipp not only thrills with his wood carving skills, but especially with a keen sense of the zeitgeist.


Odyssey Man by Matt Moriarty and Rachel Blandon

Submitted by Matt Moriarty and Rachel Blandon
“Odyssey Man” is a collaboration between Rachel Blandon & Matt Moriarty. The Fractal was designed by Rachel & the man on the mountain was illustration by Matt.


The art world by Evelina Katiliūtė

Submitted by Evelina Katiliūtė 
My name is Evelina Katiliūtė. I am a Lithuanian artist, based in Denmark. My path to the art world began before I was born. I grew up in a family where art played a very big role. My begaist with art was inspired by Juzė Katiliūtė, the great Lithuanian painter and wonderful woman artist. I think she was a powerful woman artist and a very kind person. The other man, who were my inspiration of the soul was writer Viktoras Katilius and he gave me a lot of inspiration to write poetry.

I have been learning ceramic and jewelry designing in Lithuania, but it was not that art form I wanna work with. Now I am studying website development and I love to work with digital painting and photography. I also work with acrylic painting and graphic design, and I write poetry when I have the time and ideas for it. I love most of all form of art and always like to try something new.

Most of my artworks are abstract and with lots of expression of feelings. And it is my biggest passion and love.


Compilation by Yo Az

Submitted by Yo Az



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