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Beautiful Hand Lettering & Typography Works – July 2020

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We have more hand-picked hand lettering, typography and font designs to inspire you this month. Check out the following creative typography designs that have not been featured in our previous collection. Take note of the details, you will be amazed!

If you have great piece to show don’t hesitate to participate here.


对 缺 by Y han


GOONIES! by Cory Say


Digital Calligraphy by Shamika Adka

Submitted by Shamika Adka
Hey everyone myself Shamika…I am an calligraphy artist based in Mumbai, specialising in digital calligraphy. I do take workshops so do DM me for more information.  I thank YDJ for giving me an opportunity to showcase my digital calligraphy art works.


KUWABARA Record Label by Juan Pablo Aparicio Oliver


Geometric Typeface by Nina Ignjatovic

The Closest Planet by Homa Delvaray


Insekta Lettering by Sofía Tolentino


Edukom Mubarak | free template by Moh’d Nour Shahen and arabic lines


Gelato by Jeff Jenkins

Grit Lettering by Loren Klein


Type&Type by Muokkaa Studio


Lettering Collection by Ju Schnee


An Ending in Itself Unending by Tim Evans




AIB Bank by Tobias Hall

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