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Gorgeous Prints & Packaging Design Collection – June 2020

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Almost every business owner prefers to go digital with their brand. While this is most ideal method in terms of promoting a product or service, print media is still relevant. While the digital media is overcrowded with heavy contents and ads, print media still makes a huge impact in terms of marketing and promoting a brand or a product.

Marketing collateral like business cards, brochures, posters, T-shirts, and even product packaging give a tangible appeal to a brand, especially if they are designed in the most compelling manner like in the examples below. You’d think twice about discarding them.

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Crush. Paper that tells a story. by Anton Darri Pálmarsson and Ekaterina Izvekova


Deer Star – Family Brewery by George T.

Submitted by George T.
Deer Star is a small family brewery based in Bulgaria, established in 2018. Their premium craft beer is brewed seasonally using only fresh spring water with locally harvested ingredients. The cans are made from 100% recyclable materials. Each beer is uniquely different, as is their designs. They currently have four different line Bulgarian beers – Classic, Classic Red, Retro Yellow and Lager.

Coffee Brand “Kavuska” by Mykola Romanov

Submitted by Mykola Romanov
I’ve been helping to create a new one TM “Kavuska” product. Coffee for Lviv is a symbol of taste, cosiness, aroma and communication. Thanks to the variety of tastes, you can feel as if you are visiting different parts of the world. The owner by taste and I in design try to convey these feelings.

Nidia Verdejo by Azote Estudio

Submitted by Azote Estudio
Nidia Verdejo forms part of the La Cabaña enterprise, a winery with vineyards in the Rueda appellation. We created its label focusing on the duality between the person and the wine, between literary and varietal qualities. The result is a clean, floral but elegant image.

黃偉晉[背光旅行]EP by SHI-CHING YANG


Brunori Sas – Cip! Official Artwork by Luciano Marchetti


Paranormal – Strange & Unaccountable by Estudio Maba


Packaging|高酵屋康普茶 Black Tea Kombucha by Aaoo Studio


Meatless–packaging by Podpunkt )


Naturalis by Millie Davis

Submitted by Millie Davies
Naturalis is a high-fashion, digital magazine, designed and art directed by Millie Davis, featuring photography by Sophie Burlison and Illustrations by Luci Pina. The notion of the natural within the constructed is explored within the visuals displayed in Naturalis through the use of colour, concepts referring to aspects of the natural world and design considerations. These elements hint at the plants and flowers that influenced them, with each segment titled according to their Latin names.

Constructed as a final year project, Naturalis: The Floral Edition is available online via FlipSnack in order for you to flick through it, even during lockdown!

Eticittà by Chiara Vercesi

Submitted by Chiara Vercesi

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