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Latest Logo Design & Branding Inspiration – May 2020

Freshly squeezed! Check out this month’s curated collection of the latest logo design and branding projects. Are you a brand identity designer and have a project you’ve created and proud of? If yes, then showcase your work in this category.


MacFitness by Eduard Gabrielyan

Submitted by Eduard Gabrielyan
Logo for fitness club MACFITNESS

Proper Talents by Marin Gorea Jr

Submitted by Marin Gorea Jr
Proper Talents is a recruitment & executive research company serving internal talent acquisition teams and executive search consultants. They help their clients to find the right talent and assist them through stages of the recruitment. By sketching we let our imagination speak. I get a crazy pleasure to generate hundreds of ideas with only one pencil in hand.


Logo animation – Movade by Nikita Melnikov


Toboggan Brewing Co. Logo Redesign by Ashley McIlhargey

Submitted by Ashley McIlhargey
Hi! I’m Ashley and I just finished my final year of graphic design at Fanshawe College here in London, Ontario. Feel free to check out my work!


Fire and Ice Logo and Branding by Siddharth Simharaju

Submitted by Siddharth Simharaju
I am Siddharth and am pursuing Information Technology from Indian Insititute of Information and Technology, Allahabad. In my last semester at college, I am interning at Hackerrank as a Product Designer. Design has played a crucial part in my journey through college into the corporate world.

Being from an engineering background, I never got any design education or guidance. But design and several designers intrigued me and made me pick design. From learning tools on my own, taking up freelance projects, starting a company, to taking a leap into the design world, it has been an exciting journey.  Design motivates me every day and I aspire to become a designer who understands the problem better and delivers apt solutions.


YEGA Construction Company by Andrew Son

YEGA Construction Company logo and brand identity design by Andrew Son.


Logofolio 2020 by David Wissing

Submitted by David Wissing
2020 was planned to become a big year for me, with the publish of my website and the focus on marketing. Next to the main plans I became specialized in Logo Design. These are the latest client projects of this year.


LIONS-Studios by Kriss Hidalgo

Submitted by Kriss Hidalgo
I am currently the artistic director at LIONS-Studios and LIONS-Studios is a fashion label cultivating emotions through art and design. LIONS is an acronym for Lavish Inspires Our Normal Society, in which LIONS-Studios is empowering people to feel confident with their wardrobe.


Highpoint Homes by Filippos Fragkogiannis

Submitted by Filippos Fragkogiannis
Filippos Fragkogiannis is an Athens based graphic and communication designer whose focus lies on typography, print design and visual identity. His research and practice revolve around the semantics, symbolism and structure of visual language.

Highpoint Homes is a London-based real estate management company providing services to landlords and tenants. Their new logo is made of solid typography and exudes stability. Colorplan Papers’ Citrine shade highlights the excitement of a new opportunity. The fonts used are Archivo by Omnibus-Type and the Times-inspired Wremena by Typefaces of the Temporary State. The visual identity consists of business cards, DL envelope, A4 letterhead, mailing bag and a notepad.


La Casa: Museum Restaurant by Andrei Serchis

Submitted by Andrei Serchis
La Casa is an urban restaurant and bakery chain that has been taking a fresh and surprising approach to traditional dishes every day for the last 4 years. With over 30 locations spread across Northern Romania, La Casa was born from a simple idea: to offer people warm bread, baked carefully and attentively, using traditional recipes. One of La Casa’s key locations from downtown Cluj-Napoca – operating right in Museum Square – has now been rebranded as Museum Restaurant (La Nino).

Under the umbrella of Koncept Advertising, we’ve been able to participate in Museum Restaurant’s rebranding process by creating and delivering branded, print-ready menus. Being brief, yet eccentric, the restaurant’s food menu takes an exquisite approach to the familiar. The traditional recipes are masterfully executed, turning each meal into a mouthwatering experience that promises to offer the clients a taste-tested unique flavor experience.


SeaScape Resort Branding by Hristina Dimova

Submitted by Hristina Dimova 
Hello, my name is Hristina Dimova and I am a graphic designer. I am graduating from the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria in a couple of months. From a young age, I have been passionate about illustration and motion graphics. Therefore in graphic design, I find the perfect career for me as it is the perfect combination of art and usefulness. I believe it gives designers the opportunity to help people communicate their ideas, personalities
and goals visually.

The project I am presenting is a brand identity for a resort called SeaScape that is located in Quadra Island, BC, Canada. In my opinion, a logo to a company is like the first impression you get from a person. It needs to be memorable, to be an introduction, a starting point that speaks on behalf of the purpose, functions and values of the organization. I chose to make a custom lettering for this project in my pursuit to convey warmth, luxury, nature, magic and comfort. I made sure the whole visual identity is instantly recognizable and in tune with the feelings we were trying to communicate to make it appealing to the user profiles. I hope you enjoy it!


Recent branding projects by Matthew Waring

Submitted by Matthew Waring
My name is Matthew and I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in Manchester, UK. I specialise in branding and identity projects, which are my favourite projects to be involved in. I really enjoy the challenge of coming up with something unique and personal to a brand, that can communicate their message quickly and succinctly.

Branding is much, much more than just a logo, it is how you present yourself to the world. Nowadays this is done on so many different channels and mediums that it makes it all the more important. You have to think about how the brand across all of these channels from digital tools like websites and social media, to printed assets like posters, documents or merchandise.

I think that part of a project is what I enjoy most; seeing how the brand is used on different assets- it really helps to knit a project together and it also helps prove your design choices if everything looks like it comes from the same place. Branded illustrations are also a really powerful tool to have. The best thing about branded illustrations is there are no limits; you aren’t spending time trawling through stock image websites to find the perfect shot for what you need, you can create it as you need it. These illustrations are also unique to the brand, which again helps to reinforce your brand message.

I have been a graphic designer now for almost 8 years, and I still love to learn new skills and try new ways of working. Sometimes they don’t work, but that’s all part of learning. If you like what you see here and want to see some more of my work then please follow or message me on any of my social channels. 


Finikas Hotel – Menus by Natalia Georgiadi

Submitted by Natalia Georgiadi
Finikas Hotel is a family business in Koufonisia island. We called to make three different menus for the hotel’s restaurant (breakfast, juice, dinner menu).


KB Design by Craig Winterlich

Submitted by Craig Winterlich
Graphic designer based in Dublin, Ireland. I started studying art, design & mixed media in 2015 where I learned many skills in sculpture design, lino printing, acetate printing, using a printing press, SLR photography with the aid of a dark room, life drawing, painting and the list goes on. From there I went on to study Visual Communications where I gained my skill set in the Adobe creative suite, photography, illustration, Photoshop, InDesign, digital painting, packaging, editorial design and art direction. Currently I am working for a design and printing company in Dublin.


Piccolo by Night by Morph Design

Submitted by Morph Design
Logo design for Late night bar. The phases of the moon, take the place of the letters in a playful and artistic style, and also represent a continuous presence in nightlife, so natural and effortless, such as the moon’s alteration over time. Giving light in the darkness, keeps you company, just like the moon in a night sky.


Goody Granola Branding by Rocio & Patrick

Submitted by Rocio & Patrick
We understand that your brand matters! And like your brand identity, we know that you care about your customers too! At BeeLeaf, we aim to be people that help you in your brand so that your customers will in you! This is where our branding guidance and craft meet your design needs, helping you effectively reach your audience and stand for something bigger.


No 10 Bakery by Ozan Karakoc

Submitted by Ozan Karakoc
No 10 is a European bakery that makes gourmet delicacies such as croissants with organic ingredients, unique sourdough sandwiches, and special homemade desserts. Located in the modern outdoor marketplace close to the world-famous ancient city of Kaunos, No 10 aims to be one of the popular eateries for tourists as well as locals.

Our goal was to create a modern and sophisticated, yet friendly and approachable visual world for both kinds of audience, while also emphasizing the aspect of organic and healthy eating.



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