Art inspiration may 2020 featured image - Peacefulness of Nature by Keisha Saez

Creative Art & Illustration Inspiration – May 2020

In this monthly collection, we are featuring some of the best illustrations, digital art, sketches, doodles and paintings from around the world. We hope that you will be inspired and will go on to create your own unique artwork and in turn, inspire others.

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Ice hockey: Penalty shot by Lilit Martirosyan

Submitted by Lilit Martirosyan


Behold Thy Mirrors by Patrick Whitehorn-Schmidt

Submitted by Patrick Whitehorn-Schmidt
I have spent a lot of time reflecting lately. Reflecting on my values, my priorities, and my voice as a long-time creator new to freelancing professionally.

As part of this, I digitally recreated one of my favorite illustrations that was originally inspired by and unused for a project about eyes. As eyes are sometimes known as mirrors of the soul, Behold Thy Mirrors illustrates the act of self-reflection. It is a rumination on identity where what remains of a portrait are the eyes – persistent and alive.


Digital Collage Posters by Una Sandic

Submitted by Una Sandic
Hi, my name is Una Sandic! I am a graphic design and visual arts student from Serbia currently studying in Athens, Greece. The main concept behind most of my artworks is taking old vintage photographs of family and friends, and giving them a modern and psychedelic twist by making colourful collages in digital format. My goal is to breath new life into old photographs that might be forgotten or not given much attention by transforming them into eye-catching posters that are of sentimental value to me but also aesthetically pleasing for viewers.


Creative Portfolio of Christi du Toit

Submitted by Christi du Toit
My name is Christi du Toit. I’m Cape Town-based creative specialising in the fields of illustration/graphic art and design. When I first adopted an interest in illustration, and the creation process that goes with it, I used to do all my work with traditional mediums. As I developed more knowledge and skills my work slowly transitioned into being almost fully digital (aside from the planning stages). I didn’t want this to result in my work looking overly digital and rigid, so I still draw all of my work by hand, only now I use a drawing/graphics tablet to do so digitally. I often go the extra mile just to make sure that the perfectly imperfect, hand-drawn or printed aesthetic still comes through in the final execution. My style is inspired by all the things I loved growing up (and still love to this day) such as cartoons, comic books, retro arcade games, artwork for bands (gig posters, album covers, t-shirt designs), skateboard graphics, and the likes.

I’m currently freelancing professionally, and I’m loving every minute of it.


Movies (Quarantine Edition) by Thanasis Kamenidis

Submitted by Thanasis Kamenidis
My name is Thanasis Kamenidis and I am a graphic designer based in Athens-Greece. I work as an Art Director at The Newtons Laboratory | Advertising Agency and as a Freelance Graphic Designer. I studied graphic design at AKTO-Middlesex University.


Blue, oil & abstract (Boa) by Beata Gwarek

Submitted by Beata Gwarek
I was brought up in a beautiful village surrounded by meadows and old forest. At home we were listening to polish folk and classical music. At primary school I had a wonderful art teacher who taught me, that I can have my
own taste, no matter what other (common people) say. Instead of choosing an art secondary school I went to a next door college. When my copy of Leonardo drawing felt of math’s book friends asked, if I wanted to attend school which is 100m closer to my home. But I was still very creative, mainly making clothes for myself. Knitting jumpers were my specialties. I came back to painting in the middle of my psychology studies when somebody gave me all the equipment. Once I took painting lesson when for a few hours I was converting ostrich eggs and Egyptian pots onto paper. That is possible, but not a great fun for me. Better worked pottery course – I made as much staff as I can hold at home.

When I’m starting to paint a picture, very often I don’t know what wants to be seen. Sometimes in the middle of the process I got to know the title like “Incubators of positive energies” or “Potentials”. At the beginning it was strange even for myself, but I got used to it. I have very vivid dreams of oil paintings but never ever I was able to catch it, yet.  I’m also playing with digital works, photography and writing.


The feeling beyond the colours and canvas by Romina Bali

Submitted by Romina Bali
Hi everyone, my name is Romina Bali and I am a painter. I’ve studied architecture and I’ve started my painter life since I was a child, then I’ve taken several courses of painting and architectural technics. I’ve started with portrait drawings, architectural sketches and oil colours, to continue with watercolours and acrylics recently. Now I’m a mix of all these. This group paintings of mine just bring a feeling once you see them, that’s why I named them the way I did “The Feeling beyond the colours and canvas”. They are just more than that.


Sophie Leigh Fisher – Illustration, Design & Comics

Submitted by Sophie Leigh Fisher
Hello! My name is Sophie Leigh Fisher. I am a comic creator, illustrator, and graphic designer from Asbury Park, NJ, currently living in Baltimore, MD. I have a passion for storytelling and creating narratives using design and illustration. My most recent work explores my relationship with community and creating bold statements about the current state of our world with comics, and graphic media.


Animal illustrations by Ryuki Mizuno

Submitted by Ryuki Mizuno
Hi! I’m Ryuki, a Japanese illustrator. I’m currently working on my personal project drawing animal illustrations which are something related to our society.


Peacefulness of Nature by Keisha Saez

Submitted by Keisha Saez
I created these pieces of artwork with the purpose of capturing the peacefulness of nature and transfer that sense of peacefulness and tranquility to the person that looks at them.

The Nocturne Landscape painting was created digitally by speedpainting, using different types of brushes with the program Krita on a surface pro 6 tablet.

The cherry blossoms floating on water were created traditionally, using a combination of watercolors, acrylic paints, prisma color pencils for coloring and a few markers and pens for lines.

The Pine Trees and Shooting Stars painting was also created digitally. It was speed painted using specific brushes (some of them with oil and acrylic paint textures) using Autodesk Sketchbook on a surface pro 6 tablet. The paper texture on top of the art was added with my phone using picsart.




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