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Animated GIFs Inspiration – May 2020

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We share with you some amazing animated GIFs created by animators and motion designers we found on Dribbble, Behance and else where on the Web for your inspiration. So we hope you enjoy this article.

You can also feature your animation works on the blog. Feel free to submit your best piece here. If it’s one of a kind, you’ll be making headlines on YDJ!


Dudes by Gastón Mengo

Quarantine Life by DeeKay


Happy Waving Sloth by EJ Hassenfratz


Multitasking puzzle by ILLO




Forest animation by Yuliia Samoilenko


A day Before by Dmytro Krykunov


The fuego man by Kike Pulido


Working Better Together by Garrett Prince


Walkies by Olivia Moore


Character run by oto


Sunglasses by Apogeez


Couple by sebastian muñoz lineros


Gummy Squirms by Sam Barcham


Powerlifter character animation by Elena Cherniavskaia


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