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Creative Art & Illustration Inspiration – April 2020

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In this monthly collection, we are featuring some of the best illustrations, digital art, sketches, doodles and paintings from around the world. We hope that you will be inspired and will go on to create your own unique artwork and in turn, inspire others.


bird bird bird by Su Young

Submitted by Su Young


Minecraft Rendering by Max Miller

Submitted by Max Miller
Hello Everyone, My name’s Max (aka Darkmax204), i’m a 3D Artist who is mostly making Minecraft Renders, I do almost all of the models and everything by myself, and it’s a fun Hobby, and One day I hope to be able to turn this hobby of mine into a Business/Job. Here is a collection of my newest works that I’m proud of.


ZINE by Donna Fonx


Room by techPotato


Vector Portrait by Twrit company

Submitted by Twirt company


Organic Portrait by Alfonso Elola

Submitted by Alfonso Elola
I’m Alfonso Elola, I live in Madrid but I’m Venezuelan, I’m an illustrator and I have always worked for advertising agencies but in my portfolios I only show my personal drawings, which have nothing to do with advertising. I have attached a couple of illustrations. It’s from a series that I use to practice color and composition, I called organic portrait, and it is a set of portraits of fantasy characters mixed with much flourish and a fairly baroque style.


Notting Hill 1 by Marilupe GQI


Illustrations by Sainte-luce Jerome

Submitted by Sainte-luce Jerome 
Born in 1981 in Perpignan, Sainte-Luce Jérôme studied Applied Arts at Rivières Des Pères, then Plastic Arts in 1999, after some experiments in Spain and then in the Ardèche. He obtained a DSAA specialized design, Estian school in Paris, in 2002, Trainer of Applied Arts since 2009, he practices in various training centers of the island of Guadeloupe.

Since 2009, notably with the exhibition “The Engraved Souls”, Sainte-Luce Jérôme develops a work of visual research, traversing Native American culture, a unifying element of the history and heritage of the Caribbean space. Indeed, “haunted” by the loss of memory, the artist tirelessly bypasses the Native American petroglyphs and asks the question of the “other state” after the death of man, and thus the question of the trace left… What remains nevertheless, after the extinction of an entire civilization.

Focused around different used fabrics of recovery, painted supports torn, cut, scraped and then stitched, his artistic approach takes shape from the petroglyphs, these engraved rocks, on which the artist grafts his imaginary world. A universe where souls are wandering ghosts looking for a smuggler, an elsewhere recently carried by the series “The Souls smugglers” and ‘LESPWINEG’.


COVID-19 prevention tip #4 by Steven Lewis


“Sea coastland” Slime painting on the volume canvas by Tanbelia

Submitted by Tanbelia
On this canvas, I made my impression of a sandy beach in Turkey. I was just walking along the Mediterranean coast and there were only pebbles of different colors under my feet. So I decided to recreate this feeling of passing through the colored sand, applying not only the color but also the texture.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S1 Carback Illustrations by Dan Brooks

Submitted by Dan Brooks
I enjoy drawing the characters that brought me joy in my youth. When the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hit the toy shelves back in ’88, I was instantly intrigued despite the fact I had never heard of or seen them before. I picked up a Donatello and spent the next few weeks studying the card back for the information it provided, not only about the character, but also about what other figures were available. Here, I’ve attached illustrations of those characters.


Anemone flower by WE Studio


BBK 2020 by Joluvian

Submitted by Joluvian
I very much enjoyed working on this project as I could be part of it from start to finish. Before starting to think of a style I developed a concept, a general mood and elements connected to the experience going to the festival. Then I worked on different sketches on the iPad and after presenting couple of options to the client  I painted the final illustration on Pro Create. It was interesting to mix illustration and lettering, treating the letters as part of the illustration just using the iPad.


Imagine by Josefina Ribeiro

Submitted by Josefina Ribeiro


Artwork by Renold

Submitted by Renold Keightley
Hi I’m Renold a suburban Grime artist, my work is inspired by my 80’s and 90’s schooling, and my life experience both during that time and in modern life, I try to respond to the changing environment and social pressures of life, I hope you enjoy my work.


Illustrations by Lily

Submitted by Lily Silva


Poetic Art by Julia Aguiar

Submitted by Julia Aguiar
I’m Julia, a self-taught Brazilian illustrator who has been drawing since I can remember, and that is part of me. I love emotions and the beauty they have. I feel that my mission is to show some of this to the world. I don’t currently have a drawing tablet, so I do everything on my phone


Creative doodling by Eric Bourdon

Submitted by Eric Bourdon
While I’m a painter, my work is basically a kind of creative doodling, with paint on a canvas. In other words, I create something from nothing. It’s all about improvisation, it’s what you do with a pen on a piece of paper when you have nothing to do, in the bus, in the subway, at a restaurant, in a waiting room, everywhere… You draw some quick doodles, without thinking, without any goal in mind, or any idea of what you’re going to draw, just for fun, and sometimes one of them takes shape, and seems funny. I just push this everybody’s game a little bit further, and the fun of it!


Snow Day by Adeola Uthman

Submitted by Adeola Uthman
Visual Artist based in New York City. Preferred mediums are pencil and paper, iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, and acrylic on canvas.


Voxel Diorama by Paulus Virginie

Submitted by Paulus Virginie
Follow the graphic designer Virginie Paulus in her stylized universe of tiny houses and capsules worlds. You can spend a lot of time, admiring these digital dioramas full of little details and eastereggs. Voxels worlds are modeled with the 3D software MagicaVoxel and retouched in Photoshop. 


GZBones by Giezelle Bernal

Submitted by Giezelle Bernal
Hello, my name is Giezelle Bernal. I am consider an artist with a complex motive of understanding myself and the world, which means I rely on my own mind and thinking about the things I truly enjoy and not always batting an eye on something that makes me feel unpleasant. If you want to know who I am, I have depression and anxiety and I tend to compare myself with others which often leads to distancing social life. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from doing what I want. I have graduated with a  BFA in 3D animation at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I am using Maya for 3d animation and After Effects for editing. I am also using Photoshop and Corel painter for conceptual design and typography. For now on, I am continuing making animations and illustration as a side job for as long as I can live.


Slay__art by Burlacu Luca

Submitted by Burlacu Luca


Menu template illustration by Lilit Martirosyan

Submitted by Lilit Martirosyan


GZSCREATIVITY by Giezelle Bernal

Submitted by Giezelle Bernal
I am using Maya for 3d animation and After Effects for editing. I am also using Photoshop and Corel painter for conceptual design and typography. I have a devotion on illustration creating semi-to-photo realistic figure drawings and animal anatomy for over 10 years and is still doing so. My goal as an artist is to have it’s distinctive characteristics and voice so I can show it off around the world! 



Submitted by Alper Durmaz
All shots, sounds and musics in this film recorded with a smartphone at Istanbul streets. Istanbul’s city noise, street music, daily chaos are offered with city chaos. The film exposes the city’s panorama. It takes the viewer on an experimental tour of the city.

___________________________FILM FESTIVALS______________________________
2020 – Filmaê – Brasília Mobile Film Festival, Official Selection, Brasília / BRAZIL
2020 – The BeBop Channel Content Festival, Official Selection, New York / USA
2019 – LIFT-OFF GLOBAL First-Time Filmmaker Sessions July 2019, Official Selection, England


Womanhood by Ana-Ruxandra Nastase

Submitted by Ana-Ruxandra Nastase
I’m a creative human, designer, illustrator, dancer & mountain fairy. For the last three years, I’ve been fond of making digital experiences human. I love to visually communicate stories with my work.


Acento Tropical by Ana Paula Vergara

Submitted by Ana Paula Vergara
For this collection I wanted to create something colorful using vibrant colors in order to represent my hometown Cancun, Mexico. It is a collection that has been evolving through the years and I like to continue creating new artworks that combine organic elements such as plants, animals, and tropical landscapes of the Riviera Maya. Illustrations are originally made in watercolor, acrylic or inks; then digitized in order to edit and customize them for different applications such as postcards, prints & notebooks.


Knights of Disinfection by Asabel


Submitted by Asabel




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