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Creative Art & Illustration Inspiration – March 2020

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In this monthly collection, we are featuring some of the best illustrations, digital art, sketches, doodles and paintings from around the world. Among the artists featured are Samantha McClellan, Joana Miranda, AnnaRose Etra, André Calvo and many more.


The Simpsons by Hrach Hovhannissyan


Design For Equal by White Bear Studio

Submitted by Audrey Madden
White Bear Studio launched their Design For Equal poster project, on 1st March 2020. We want to see women and men of all ages supported in their career from a young age and well on through to parenthood and beyond. #EachForEqual means that everyone needs to be in the fight for equality together. Equality for women means equality for all genders and people. Design in particular has a very important role to play in communicating these ideas.  Our poster project is a call to arms to all designers, poets, and creatives of all shapes and forms to join us in helping spread the word.


Peaceful Storm by Samantha McClellan

Submitted by Samantha McClellan
When you just let the storm happen vs fighting it you begin to experience the growth you needed. Much appreciation and inspiration can happen if you’re able to see the storm in the light of the circumstance you’re going through. You’re always protected.


Spaceships by Kristina Zirdum

Submitted by Kristina Zirdum
These are illustrations featuring three spaceships from different TV shows/movies.


Beastly by Samantha McClellan

Submitted by Samantha McClellan
I painted this in acrylic on 11” X 14” hardboard. 


Samurai by José Saccone


I Love NY by Joana Miranda

Joana Miranda illstrations - I Love NY drawings by Joana Miranda

Submitted by Joana Miranda
I created this set of I Love NY illustrations back in the fall of 2019. The illustrations were then featured on all 1800 LinkNYC kiosks throughout the five boroughs of New York City.  These illustrations sum up what I love best about the Big Apple; they also capture the lightness and humor of the human spirit. I have created illustrations for clients in the USA and abroad, and my work has been seen online and published in magazines around the world. 


Ghost Vibes by Pyper Brown

Submitted by Pyper Brown
Howdy! I’m Pyper Brown and I am an illustrator and graphic designer chilling in sunny California. I’ve been doodling ever since I came out of the womb (thanks for encouraging my macaroni art, mom & dad). I like to doodle anything that pops into my head, including this little ghost! I drew this ghost one Saturday afternoon when I was feeling a little spacey (do you know the feeling you get when you’re physically present but your mind is in the clouds? That’s how I was feeling). I was having a hard time describing how I was feeling in words, so I decided to doodle it instead! I also added a forehead plant because…well…why not! I hope you enjoy my goofy illustrations!


3 Face by Crims Art


Inspire by Anya Hamilton

Submitted by Anya Hamilton
Isn’t it funny how life never goes how we expect it to go. I was in a job that I thought I would never leave, working day in and day out. I loved what I did but found it very demanding, deep down I had a fire burning in me to release my creativity! Out of the blue I had a job offer to be a nanny! Less hours and same money! So I went for it ! That was the day my life changed and the fire was fanned! My painting journey restarted . I have many plans for the future but for now I am very much enjoying allowing the creativity to flow freely. DM me for more information or any questions regarding my work. I hope anyone out there who has a passion for art will take a leap of faith as I did and follow your dreams!


Summer Time by Amelia Chen

Submitted by Amelia Chen
A motion graphic designer and illustrator based in New York. Art is my passion. I have been working for the clients like Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Nylon Magazine, KFC, etc and featured in American illustration, Society of Illustrator, Ballpit Mag, Booooooom, Stash Magazine, and many more.


Pain by Cass Stoddart

Submitted by Cass Stoddart
My work, is currently focused on an interpretation of physical and mental “pain” through the medium of spray paint art. The aim then is to capture a shared moment of emotion, be it anguish, depression, or a more physical type symptom connected to “today’s” mental health epidemic.

My own long term mental health symptoms literally pour out through my work, and the actually “doing” and creation of these images is what drives my arts practice forward. My hope then, is to portray a shared feeling, that is not only thought provoking but also a topic for open discussion about mental health and it’s effects today on us all.


Some Beings by AnnaRose

Submitted by AnnaRose Etra
I’m fascinated in how people define themselves and how people define other people. While I was in college, I started accumulating a list of different traits and behaviors I’d see in myself and those around me that help form our different identities. The list has since transformed into inspiring these doodles. I make them in small batches, and share a drawing daily based on what feels relevant to me on any given day.


Incongruity by Rei Tokuhara

Submitted by Rei Tokuhara
I sketched them.


Sea stones slime painting by Tetiana Belashchuk

Submitted by Tetiana Belashchuk


Freedom by Fulya Güzel

Submitted by Fulya Güzel


Digital designs by Maisie McGill

Submitted by Maisie McGill
I am an aspiring graphic designer currently in my final year of university. I have started creating digital illustrations using Adobe illustrator and am currently developing my skills. 


The Poet by Josefina Ribeiro

Submitted by Josefina Ribeiro
Poetry finds in the eyes, the dream, wrapped in a colorful cloak.


Under the spring lens by Lilit Martirosyan

Submitted by Lilit Martirosyan


Nelson Art by Donald Nelson

Submitted by Donald Nelson
Some of these I did a while back and some are very recent creations I hope you all enjoy them. Thank you for featuring my ArtWork.


Women’s Day by Subhashree Iyer

Submitted by Subhashree Iyer
From being exploited to being the one who saved thousands of other girls from going through the same, Gangubai Kathiyawadi was one of those women with failed relationships, scarred memories yet strong and powerful personalities. In this world where women hate other women, she was the saviour for so many girls who were being pushed into prostitution without their will. She knew she didn’t want other girls to go through what she had to face and was always up for a good cause. Known as the mafia queen, she was always the one with a big heart for those in trouble. She supported many orphans and worked to give them a better life too. Let’s remember one such woman on this woman’s day and celebrate their contribution.

And that’s my version of Gangubai Kathiyawadi.


Ruby Throat Hummingbird Watercolor Painting by Michael Panno

Submitted by Michael Panno
I am an artist who works in a variety of different areas. I do watercolor paintings and pencil drawings and I also work with metal as an artistic blacksmith/knife maker. I have been drawing my whole life and painting in watercolors from a very early age as well. Many of my favorite creations I have painted or drawn over the years were destroyed when a basement I had them temporarily stored in, flooded and so my portfolio is not as large as it could be considering how long I have been painting and drawing. Most of my currently available art portfolio is available online and the much of it consists of wildlife profile paintings I was commissioned to do for government agencies but I also have a selection of more creative paintings and drawings available and hope to continue to add to that area of my portfolio.

The (L)overs by Beatriz Cintron

Submitted by Beatriz Cintron
Love is a universal passion that many of us feel and can be expressed in many ways. One notable sign of love is kissing but the culmination of emotions toward a significant other, in this case, two lesbian lovers, is the moment before the kiss occurs. That is when we feel the most love, passion, nervousness, and happiness.


Carol Art Digital by Carol Sousa Cuello

Submitted by Carol Sousa Cuello
My name is Carol Sousa Cuello, my stage name is Carol Art Digital. When drawing and painting I want to express and evoke imaginary places, feelings and sensations. I like to invent and imagine scenes, landscapes and flowers.
With the arrival of the digital era, I loved the unlimited possibilities offered by the different brushes and textures, be they pencils, watercolors, pastels, oils and digital acrylics and I went on to do all my works in digital format while maintaining the traditional style of draw and painting. My online exhibition at Artelista.


Red Lovers by Lu Zhang

Submitted by Lu Zhang
Lu finished her MFA illustration practice in MICA and moved to New York in 2019. She creates editorial and lifestyle illustrations while enjoying every crush in experiments and ideas.


Wanderings by André Calvo

Submitted by André Calvo
34 year old art director/graphic designer: focused on digital/visual/graphic and collage artwork.


Creatures by Tim Kamenz

Submitted by Tim Kamenz
I’m a freelance graphic / web designer from Berlin discovering the world of illustrations trying to get a foot in the door in that field. Working on my children’s book in my spare time but looking to find jobs to make a living.


Wallpapers for tablets and mobile phones by Tatiana Tochilina

Submitted by Tatiana Tochilina
What I do for a living is professionally converting uneditable files (pdf, jpg) into editable (docx, pptx, xlsx) for further translation. But drawing is my passion. I love being creative and whatever idea comes to my mind, I put it on canvas, which is my iPad 🙂 And the tools I use are Procreate app and Apple Pencil. I share my art on Instagram and some pieces can be downloaded absolutely free of charge. Great feedback that I get from my audience is more than enough. Just feel cool being an artist.


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