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Roundup Of The 5 Best Productivity Apps For Designers (2019)

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Every designers know that to do great work is to have precision focus. So here, we’ve roundup the best 2019 productivity apps for you.

Using the right productivity tools goes a long way when it comes to boosting productivity, creativity and efficiency at work. Below are five best recommendations to help you manage your daily routine better.


1. Paymo

Paymo is an online project management app that helps you manage and keep track of your tasks. Paymo works great when you want to manage your time and tasks well with your clients and projects.


2. Wrike

Wrike is a cloud-based project management app that helps you management teams of up to 20 people. It’s a great tool for design agencies as it comes with more features like Gantt charts, calendars, workload view for resource management with real-time updates.

Wrike integrates with a variety of tools including SalesForce, Dropbox, Slack, and Adobe Creative Cloud and offers an open API.


3. Clickup

ClickUp is a productivity platform that allows you to get more work done helps you free up more time. ClickUp is a productivity platform that allows you to get more work done helps you free up more time. Clickup features user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use.

The platform helps you to streamline project processes without switching from one software to another to perform all the projects tasks. Suffice to say, your project tasks is simplified.


4. Elevate

Do you sometimes need more creative juices? Then it’s time give your brain a regular workout. Elevate is an app that provides daily brain training games to improve the core area of your cognition, keeping your brain fit, active and alert.

It uses research-based games to train up different areas of your cognition, like reading or memory, and allows you to track your progress over time. If you’re looking to give your brain a regular workout, Elevate is undoubtedly one of the best apps out there.


5. LastPass

Lastpass is a secure password manager app which you can install as a browser extension. LastPass stores all of your usernames and passwords in one safe place, called a Vault. After you save a password to your Vault, LastPass remembers it for you. So the next time you need to log in to a website, LastPass enters your username and password for you.

This is a great tool to help you save time on re-typing usernames and passwords. Lasstpass is hands down the best password managers which is a breeze to use.


Final thoughts

When productivity improves the quality of your work improves. Before we wrap up, here’s a video recapping the benefits you’ll get from using these apps.







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