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Meet Efi Kabak, the Designer Who Dares To Be Different

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It’s a great pleasure getting to know Efi Kabak who is now based in Milan, Italy. He wrote Do You Design For Love?

At just 16 years old, Efi started his design journey in Istanbul working as a designer for world’s best selling magazine; Stuff. He now leads a boutique design studio called Bodoville. Efi and his team provide extraordinary design & branding experiences for clients.

Efi Kabak has come a long way to establish himself as a designer. He will be speaking at Digital Design Days, Milano on October 10-12, 2019. I this article, we share with you, Efi’s story on why he wanted to be different.


As a self-taught, I trained my eyes to see the beauty within design. I had a chance to know how the layout and typography make love together– or their kids; visual hierarchy. Most importantly, I learned how to empathize with the onlooker. 

After years of print-checking and double proofing, I decided to be more digital. Exploring more in a creative agency– where I led a team of designers for two years. Where I created my first branding project for an event. Where the things got sparkling– I was so in love with the process. 

For the next 3 years, I have traveled Europe working as a freelancer, found a home in Milano, helped businesses grow, look good, craft products and strategies which lead to differences.


Do you have any sources of inspiration you refer to boost your creative juices and motivation?

Oh yeah! As a self-taught designer, I spend most of my time on YouTube videos and in libraries. I hate it when people say that they didn’t have the right teacher or learning materials.

There are a plethora of libraries of learning materials and inspiration that you can find on the Internet. Whenever I feel stuck on something, I visit my little library and I always start with Bauhaus. Bauhaus is basically the biggest source of inspiration for me.


From starting off as a freelancer, how did you manage to establish your own creative studio?

Even from the beginning of my freelancing journey I always saw myself as a business person and I still do. As a designer we are not just selling pretty things we create, we solve problems and in order to do so you always end up needing team players.


The Type Can Branding Project

by Bodoville


Graphite Cold Brew Project

by Bodoville



by Bodoville


Amatè Mobile Web

by Bodoville


What is your biggest fear as a creative professional and do you have a strategy for overcoming them?

Social media. I hated it. I never liked sharing my work on social media. The thought of people saying negative things about my work bothers me. I was always scared. It takes courage to face my fears and this was one of the biggest challenges I had.

I learned not to be a perfectionist as it holds you back. Since then, I always try to encourage designers like myself to share and create more.


What are your dreams and aspirations for the next 10 years?

Easy; to keep doing what I love and work with people that believe in the same notion.

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