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Latest Logo Design Inspiration – October 2019

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We are continuing to feature more uniquely designed logos for this month. If you’re looking for more inspiration for your next design logo and branding project, check out the logos featured in this post. You will notice that they do stand out from the crowd.

If you have a logo design you are proud of, you can also have it featured on YDJ. Just submit your best piece here.

Nuage Cosmetics Identity Design by tubik


ORA Branding by Cosmin Capitanu


Føle Living Branding by Nathan Riley for green chameleon


OOP concept by JT Grauke for Focus Lab


Nickle Logo by David Kovalev ◒ for Unfold

Red Design logo by Afshin Mhmdi

WhaleCentre by Eddie Lobanovskiy for Unfold


Grassroots brand by Aiste for smart by design™


Elsa – Reveal by Eddie Lobanovskiy


Brazil by Carlos Puentes | cpuentesdesign


GogoApps Rebranding by Marcin Romaniuk, Roman Bystrytskyi and Paweł Andrzejewski


Jewel & Lily Logo by Brand Semut

Rebrand for Mercury Development by Max Kulakov


Kingsfield Anglican Church by Samuel Dickison


MillaCocoa by MDUK Media

Personal Logo by Guldana Murtuzova

VOLUM | Logo Design by simc


Logo Design for COR by Abhilash Thekkel


GOOSE by anthony jordan

Tonico Coffee by Shigin

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