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Creative Art & Illustration Inspiration – September 2019

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In this monthly collection, we are featuring some of the best illustrations, digital art, sketches, doodles and paintings from around the world. We hope that you will be inspired and will go on to create your own unique artwork and in turn, inspire others.

We can help you get featured in the YDJ blog too. If you’re ready to showcase and gain online presence, submit your best piece here .


Bowl by Vébé


Emissary by Kyle van Zyl


Fire by Germán Di Ciccio


Cooking by Igor Ianchenko


Box Bakes Poster by Dharughazi


Jump by Daniel


Sushi Zen Posters by Julia Zaharia


Krzysztof Krawczyk by Tomek Pieñczak ™


KRIES VAN ASSCHE 2015SS menswear by Dahee Kim


happy & good painting by Kim Seongjoong


Tranquil River Cruise by Tanvir Rahman


love is eternal by Alexandra Svistunova


JIM / Cyberpunk by Alan Ng


Xemrind Day 176 by Xemrind


Set of postcards by Diana Renzhina


Mandrake by MUTI


Another Dimension by MUTI


Safety Planets? by Jessie Maisonneuve


Swampers by Art of Gwil

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