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Creative Art & Illustration Inspiration – May 2019

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The design and art industry is filled with talented graphic artists and illustrators! Their creativity and imagination are boundless, and simply inspirational in their own unique ways. We are showcasing more illustrations for this month, for your viewing pleasure.

We are also excepting submissions in this category. So submit your best piece here to have your work featured.


Nature by MUTI


Sunshine Girl by HXYan


2019 by NIELLY Francoise


Girl And Horns by Rokas Aleliunas


Fuel Station at Night by Roman Klčo for Shakuro in Low Poly


Laundry Room (Night Version) by Mohamed Chahin


Dark Art Digital Paintings by Dagmar Renée Ritter

Submitted by Dagmar Renée Ritter

In during my artistic activity, I have repeatedly learned that my pictures do not frighten the recipient, but his personal deep-seated fears which he interprets into the paintings. Fears that had been forced into the subconscious, where they were comfortably dormant, until, by the conscious reflection on my pictures, they unexpectedly awakened and took shape in their entire form.

My themes are visible reactions to external impressions, which are diving through my dark soul and appear dimmed at the surface of my artwork. l have still not seen immaculate beauty and likewise, I also never met absolute ugliness. That is why beauty and ugliness in my pictures are inextricably linked!


Ignite Your Creativity by Infographic Paradise


Midwest Coast Brewing by Brendan O’Connor


Avengers Endgame by Kevin Howdeshell


Gu Yu by ZengBin


trio by JONES&CO


Girl-05 by YZ for Hiwow


Romantic scene of lovers by Anton Fritsler (kit8) for Kit8


Couple before entering in restaurant by Kit8


Adventuring by Nick Brito


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