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These Adobe Photoshop Plugins Bring Visual Effects To A Whole New Level

We’re going towards an era where AI (artificial intelligence) will become not only our tools but our extensions, that can help us creatives be even more creative!

My name is Gianluca Giacoppo (aka Giallo). I’m an Italian graphic designer and digital artist. I recently developed a series of interesting and original Adobe Photoshop plugins for artists. These extensions allow users to create artistic visual effects on every type of image, using automatic post-processing techniques that are pre-recorded.

I found my passion for graphic design from a University project. As an Industrial Designer, I’m required to present products and ideas in several 2D, 3D graphics and infographics that will explain the functioning or the study of the product.

My lack of 3D design skills has lead me to intensify the photo-manipulation technique and to master Photoshop. I then realized I was more passionate about drawing and post-processing than doing 3D modelling and therefore, started my career in graphic design.

Credits and special thanks to M.Rezania and the TheOrangeBox team for helping in the creation of these Photoshop plugins for artists.


Escher Ribbon FX

In the featured Plugin of today, Escher Ribbon FX, applies “stripes” effect to a photo. It can be done by just selecting the subject at the start. In this video demo, we can watch this ActionScript at work in Adobe Photoshop.

The user selects the subject manually, then he Runs the ActionScript which realizes a basic effect that he can work to make something polished.

Escher Ribbon FX also works with one of the best Photoshop Extensions available right now, which is the free FxBox that you can get from TheOrangeBox. The FxBox is free to download, and with this Panel we can handle various Free and Premium Plugins for Adobe Photoshop.

Combine two or more of their plugins and we can come up with really interesting artworks that would require hours to make. In this example down below we used Editorial Mixed Media FX after having used Escher Ribbon FX.


Editorial Mixed Media FX


Real Paint FX


Geometric Dispersion FX

Geometric Dispersion FX processing an image


Animated Pencil Sketch FX


Animated Real Paint FX

The original photos used down below are property and kind concession of M.Rezania


System Requirements

Some of my plugins, like Escher Ribbon FX, will work on Adobe Photoshop CS5 or 6 versions. The FxBox will work only on Adobe CC versions, but it’s not mandatory for the other Plugins to work. The FXBox is a free external panel that helps collect them, and use them with extreme ease.

However from File > Scripts > Browse > Escher Ribbon Fx.jsx can be applied without the FXBox.

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