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Latest Logo Design Inspiration – March 2019

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We are continuing to feature more uniquely designed logos for this month. If you’re looking for more inspiration for your next design logo and branding project, check out the logos featured in this post. You will notice that they do stand out from the crowd.

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OOP concept by JT Grauke for Focus Lab


Nordata logo by younique


Joshua Tree Badge by Alex Eiman


Karaoke party logo by Sergey Yark


Logo Don. by Mike Protsenko


MONO by Channa – Logo by Eddie Lobanovskiy for Unfold


Which came first… by Bob Ewing


HYPNOWL Logo Design by


Goichi Logo v2 by Lucas Fields


sparck logo design | logo, letter s, marks by Val Pavliuchenko


Logo concept Socaso by Elena Lazareska


FastRabbit by Max Lapteff

ArgoNox Branding Concept by Cody Brown


Personal Branding by Ted Kulakevich for Unfold


Nomad – Sticker Mule by Pulp + Paper | Heather Cranston


Saar | Logo & App icon by Antonio Calvino


Logo Concept for a Pediatric Dentistry by Maria Doncheva for Perspektiva


S T E N O by Mike Smith


Coinsla branding concept by Dmitry Lepisov


Starcase Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka


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