Animated GIFs Inspiration – March 2019

Every month, we hand-pick and share with you some amazing animated GIFs created by animators and motion designers we found on Dribbble, Behance and elsewhere on the Web for your inspiration. So we hope you enjoy this article.

You can also feature your animation works on the blog. Feel free to submit your best piece here. If it’s one of a kind, you’ll be making headlines on YDJ!


Paralelo by sebastian muñoz lineros


Cute Octo by Aleksandar Savic


Beauty by James Curran


Lyft – Two Man Saw by Chris Guyot


Puddle Jumping by Jonathan Dahl


Dandelions in the wind by Dinos&Teacups


YORA Pet Foods by Yukai Du, Studio Bliink and Tom Neish


EAST OF EDEN PT. II by Florian Schommer


Cock’s Walk by Uran CD for Clay


Monday-to-Friday Pigeon by Fabien Rousseau


Hello, Dribbble! by Igor Sobolevsky


Need a hug by Nguyen Nhut for Clay


Lipstick by James Curran


City by Fraser Davidson for Cub Studio

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