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Gorgeous Prints & Packaging Design Collection – February 2019

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Almost every business owner prefers to go digital with their brand collaterals. While this is most ideal method in terms of promoting a product or service, print media is still relevant. While the digital media is overcrowded with heavy contents and ads, print media still makes a huge impact in terms of marketing and promoting a brand or a product.

Marketing collaterals like business cards, brochures, posters, T-shirts, and even product packaging give a tangible appeal to a brand, especially if they are designed in the most compelling manner like in the examples below. You’d think twice about discarding them.

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Helsinki Design Week – 2018 by Koski Syväri, Tuukka Koski and FLC Helsinki


Tryggd by Futura .


CARAVANA Bed & Breakfast by Panel Studio


Theobromocacao Chocolate by Cansu Merdamert


Mum Coffee & Ice Cream by Cansu Merdamert


YOUNG GUNS 16 (YG16) Floating Award by Juan Carlos Pagan, Jens Marklund, Ahmed Klink and Josh Dickinson


Hellenic Coaches Branding by Luminous Design Group


Academia de Negociación by the branding people


Flakers by Dima Terehov and Logo Machine


Funfunny | CHILDREN´S FASHION BRAND by Gilian Gomes


Mú Gelato Italiano by Savvy Agency and Francisco Malvar

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