motion design 2019 featured image - LEGO Birthday Studio by Petrick

Awesome Motion Design Inspiration – January 2019

Motion Design – an abbreviation for Motion Graphics Design is the art of using graphic design and putting it motion with the use of visual effects, audio and animation in filmmaking, video production or multimedia presentations.


McDonald’s Monpoly App Intro by MORPHINE


Allianz | Worry Free Island by CaroselloLab


Ghost in the Shell – VFX, Motion Graphics & Concept Art by Andrew Popplestone


LEGO Birthday Studio by Petrick


Nested-Explainer Animation by Tigran Manukyan


ENERGISA by Estúdio Pé Grande


PXO Beijing Internal Logo animation by Lin Zhe


Elephmant by d.ānimation


OUIGO ANIMATION by nikopicto


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