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Designing To Solve Problems ‒ An Interview With Emily Passmore

Emily Passmore, is a graphic designer based in the U.K. She specializes in digital and print based designs who strives on taking her creativity and design talent to the next level.

She has put her skills to good use designing a new leadership system called Leaderbox. Learning never cease, and in Emily’s case, she is constantly improving and applying her design skills to creative problem solving.

In this article, we share with you Emily’s creative journey and the design process of Leaderbox.


Let’s begin by telling us how your interest for graphic design started?

I guess it all started at school, I had always enjoyed creative subjects but was never that good at drawing so I studied a creative diploma which covered several aspects of the creative industry.

Through this I discovered design, that I was good at it but most importantly that I enjoyed it. Also being told I wasn’t good enough by my teachers spurred me on to prove them wrong.


What is your source of inspiration and why?

Inspiration for me comes from everywhere and everything. I love looking at other designers work, seeing their take on a problem and thinking about how I would have approached it differently.

I also like visiting other countries and exploring different cultures but sometimes all you need is a bit of fresh air to gain clarity on a design problem.


What excites you the most about graphic design?

What excites me the most about graphic design is that the design industry is always changing, there are always new and exciting developments.

I love being able to use my skills for projects (such as Leaderbox) that I truly believe in. Nothing is better than the sense of achievement this brings.


The Leaderbox Project

The Idea Behind The Project

Leaderbox is an all-inclusive, innovative system that develops confidence, fosters teamwork and generates key leadership skills. The training is accessible, enjoyable, progressive, and relevant – a truly innovative technique for training the leaders of tomorrow.

Training so intuitive and simple, that it can be delivered by anyone regardless of previous experience or leadership expertise.


The Creative Process

As the work I produced for Leaderbox was so varied I tailored the processes to each particular item but it usually consisted of discussing the top priorities with the rest of the Leaderbox team, sketching initial concepts/ideas, taking a select few to digital and then developing one idea until the outcome is finalised.

During the whole process there is a constant back and forth between the team. Having extra pairs of eyes throughout the process helps me to make sure the final outcome is the best it can be.


The Design Details

Within Leaderbox the overall design needed to be fun, engaging and easily accessible. I stripped back all the information and details to examine what was necessary as any extras may confuse the user. Simplicity and clear communication would be key.

The use of bright colours and flat illustrations were used to capture the feeling of enjoyment and enthusiasm. Leaderbox is a system which needs to be entertaining as well as educational.

Learn more about Emily’s work on her website You can also find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.




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