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Meet Inspiring Artist & Sculptor Genevieve Ferrater

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It’s yet another exciting month for us at YDJ! Meet Genevieve Ferrater, a painting artist and sculptor from Cebu, Philippines who has a big heart. She is currently working on an oil painting to raise funds for her best friend who is undergoing kidney dialysis.

In this article, we share with you the story of Genevieve’s pro-bono work as well her life journey to becoming an artist. Art & design reflects cultural values and plays a huge impact in people’s lives.

Unfortunately, a majority of the public may never understand its significance. Genevieve explains why she will not let her talent go to waste. Here is her story.


Please tell us something about yourself

My name is Genevieve Ferrater. I am based in Cebu, Philippines. Currently a full-time employee of a private company in the city. Although my job is totally not related to my college degree, I am happy with it.

I wish to be in a creative field or become a full-time artist but I need to earn a fixed income as of now and do art on the side.

My interest in art is varied. I do not remember many of the great artists and their works although in one way or another, they were my influences. I love to be hands-on of my work so that I do carpentry for my box-frames.

I truly enjoy the process of constructing anything. I love to be hands-on of my work so that I do carpentry for my box-frames. I truly enjoy the process of constructing anything.


When did your interest in painting and sculpting started?

My childhood was in the late 80’s to 90’s in the rural part of Cebu, Philippines. I belong to the generation of kids who enjoy outdoor games and other activities.

Growing up, I would always watch my older brother assemble his own toys (we did not have money to buy toys) using recycled materials such as scrap wood and soda crowns to assemble a truck.

From then, my hands became more interested in assembling forms while having fun with copying cartoon characters on my notebook. I think it is typical among kids of that generation.

On the other hand, I did not know anything about painting until I saw a framed “picture” of a woman hanged on the wall at the ancestral house of one of my playmates.

I was 7 years old back then, really mesmerized by the rustic tone-on-tone painting of a nude woman in a decent pose that, instead of playing hide and seek, I only stared at the painting for minutes.

It puzzled me how the faint figure and the background have almost the same color and value, so different from the cartoon characters I see on TV yet so beautiful and captivating.


Where do you usually find your inspiration?

Perhaps from my own emotions. Although I have always been interested in experimenting on materials. What drives me to create are my emotions.

In the previous years, sceneries touch my emotions and wanted to paint anything that stirs my interest. But what really satisfy me to express what I have in mind is when my hands are able to finish something that can be held, somethings that challenges my strength or my imagination.

Also, my memories in childhood that whenever I close my eyes at night, I would see a parade of flowers in the dark, floating, slowly moving up and down like following a terrain that was weird though. That perhaps subconciously inspires me to come up with the Art Terrain pieces. I paint dark background so that the lighter texture would advance or appear floating.

I experimented on different materials that I may use as texture so that i could come up with my own. I treat cords with waterbased solution mixed with other found-at-home substances to make it hard like wood.


Art Terrain Pieces

My Garden 1 – D: 50cm x 50cm, Y: 2012


Bloody Mary 2 – D: 50cm x 50cm, Y: 2012


Blue Moon – D: 50cm x 50cm, Y: 2012


What do you hope people experience as they view your work?

As of now, I wanted to focus on improving the pieces that I call Art Terrain. These are mixed media relief usually finished in oil. I want people to experience a ride to my dreams and my emotions.

I want them to enter a story which may also be their story in one composition by incorporating textures for the relief and 2D painting.


Her pro-bono work – The Waterfall (in the works)

Genevieve drew inspiration for her oil painting from a photo that she took. The original photo looked like a figure of a person crucified. The “cross” figure reminds her of her friend’s suffering.

“Her suffering can be turned into something beautiful given her positive disposition in life. She has been a fighter, a survivor considering she had been undergoing dialysis since 2012. I just really wish to repay the kindness of my friend. She and her husband have always been supportive of my pursuits as an artist”, Genevieve explained.

Her painting will be made available for sale soon.


Her vision

Genevieve dreams of one day putting up a huge installation exhibit about people from different walks of life that she can dedicate to the community and her country. She wants to convey awareness and inspiration to the people especially the younger generation.





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