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Hyper-realistic 3D Illustrations: Marcello Barenghi Shows Us How It’s Done!

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Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Marcello Barenghi is an Illustrator who have made a name for himself on YouTube lately. Nicknamed “The hyper-realist artist of the common things in the era of YouTube“, he has made a series timelapse videos, showing off the full process of his drawing skills on Youtube. These 3D drawings comprise of everyday objects, they looked so real you could almost feel and touch the “objects”.

Marcello has proved that he is a true master in illustration and yet still looking for ways to improve his drawing skills. He definitely has a passion for perfection. You will enjoy watching his timelapse videos. Enjoy!


Drawing a glass pitcher


Drawing a pair of scissors


Drawing Coca-Cola bottle


A bag of M&M’s


Rubik’s Cube Oil Painting on Canvas


How to draw an oil drizzler


How to draw a crushed can of beer


The one euro coin


Grey Alien


Marty McFly’s Hoverboard 


Iron Man


A bottle of Oddka vodka 


Drawing a Fondant au Chocolat Le Baulois


A charming Absinthe glass


How I drew a can of beans


How I draw a 200 euro banknote





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