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Inspiring & Out Of This World 3D Sci-Fi Interiors You’ve Got To See

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I always find 3D Sci-Fi graphics really fascinating. Infact, I would sometimes day-dream and imagine myself living in a space-ship or some sort of sci-fi fantasy world. Alright coming back to planet Earth now, below are a selection of amazing Sci-Fi Interiors that are simply out of this world! If you’re building or planning to build a man-cave, think science fiction and turn your fantasy into reality (just kidding).


Sci Fi Interior 3D Model


Prometheus Interior

– Photos courtesy 20th Century Fox


Starfarer Modular Corridor

The Eden Archives

Sci-Fi Cylinder Tunnel

Sci-Fi Corridor


Sleeping Quarters


Sci-fi Corridor R-79



Sci-Fi Corridor Futuristic Environment

Harvester 03

Mynos Interior

Zero Gravity

Sci-fi Door


Sci-fi Tunnel

Sci-fi interiors

Aero Origins: Meeting Room


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