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How Business Card Slots Can Elevate Your Folder Design

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Presentation folders are a great tool to use in marketing campaigns. However, because they are so common, it’s important to come up with fresh ideas to spruce up their design.

The obvious thing to start with is the cover of the folder. If you haven’t already, consider trying different imprint methods or coatings. These can create different textures or add a three-dimensional illusion.

If you want to try something different, think about making changes inside the folder. Depending on how much your folder needs to hold, you may want to include a capacity-increasing spine attachment like this one. You could also create a design that incorporates different pockets, such as wavy, rounded, diagonal, contoured or vertical.

An often overlooked element that also can make a difference is the business card slots. Not only can they be adjusted to hold vertical or horizontal cards, they also come in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety of business cards. While slits in various corners are effective, you can also try differently shaped notches to hold the card in place at the top and bottom or on the sides.

For an even more unique design, go with custom business card slots. These types of slots can be cut into shapes to match the theme of the design or shape of the pocket, such as a star or wave. created the Guide to Business Card Slots for Presentation Folders (shown below). It can help you pick the slots that will best suit your design. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s important that the slots don’t lose their functionality. It won’t matter how neat the design is if the business cards fall out of the folder.

For some people, presentation folders are just another thing to check off of their marketing collateral list. However, if you can provide a new twist on a standard tool, you’ll get your clients a great return on their investment. Read more at the full post here:


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